Review for Edison Beaker, Creature Seeker #1: The Night Door

Review for Edison Beaker, Creature Seeker #1: The Night Door

The Night Door, Edison Beaker Creature Seeker, Girls, Boy, Monsters, Shadows, Flashlight, Adventure, Children's Book, Graphic Novel, Frank CammusoA very fun and adventurous book about a boy who discovers there are monsters (shadow) and his dad and uncle are actually doing awesome work.

I was totally interested in this book when I spotted the cover, it looked like such a fun read that I wanted to try it out. Plus, monsters? Mystery? The world in danger? Sign me up!

This is an adventurous and fun book about Edison (yes, really) who discovers that there are monsters out and about and that his family is one to stop them and guard the door. It was quite a fun premise and I had fun reading it. I do wonder what happened to his dad and why he left, and how his family was one to be a Creature Seeker. I do think it is funny that everyone thinks they are just bug killers instead of something else. Which makes me wonder.. how many more people know about this whole thing?

And the book got only more fun when the annoying sister Tesla (yes, really) got kidnapped and out of the picture. I swear, if that kid had been around the whole book I would have dropped it. She is so annoying. 😐 Why can’t we have more books in which siblings are nice to each other or where there are no annoying little brothers/sisters.

The adventure Edison has and the world we see when he goes on an adventure were just wonderful and exciting, I would love to see more of this world and of course I want to know more about the door + the jewel protecting it and keeping it closed, about Knox (and who she is and what her role is in this whole thing), and the monsters that live in the Underwear, um Underwhere. ;P The monsters are quite spooky, though they also looked quite hilarious (maybe it is the shadows, maybe something else?).

I also love that there is a flashlight that can make the monsters disappear, I wonder if there are more items like this and if we see them pop up in the next book(s).

I loved that this one was a graphic novel! I hadn’t expected that and it was a very delightful surprise when I started reading it. The art was quite nice and I liked it a lot.

All in all, hopefully I can read the second book soon, though if there is a lot of Tesla… I am out.

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