Review for Find Momo

Review for Find Momo

Find Momo: A Photography Book, Andrew Knapp, Sky, Dog, Grass, Yellow, Blue, CoverA sweet search-and-find book about a dog named Momo!

I read this one in Dutch, but want to write my review in English. I have never heard of Momo, but oh boy he is adorable. And I just adore that his owner decided to make use of Momo’s talent of hiding and cuteness to make these photographs and share them with the world.

The book is full of Momo hiding everywhere. Yes, everywhere~ From houses and rooftops to forests and cliffs. Momo has visited many places. I just loved the variety of photographs, when I started this book I thought it would just be forests and other places dogs generally go to. So I was very delighted with all the variety.

Generally Momo is very easily found. If you know what you are looking for it becomes very easy. But there were a couple in which I couldn’t find Momo. It may be the light in my room (it was night + quite dimmed in my bedroom), so I will try it out soon again. Despite the easiness, I had tons and tons of fun with each photograph.

Plus, there is information on Momo and his owner. How he got Momo, what Momo likes, how he started with these photographs, and more. I loved that this was added.

All in all, I want more Momo. Not sure if I will wait for more of these books to be translated… or if I will just buy them in English. I do want these on my shelves.
I would recommend it to all looking for some adorableness.

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