Review for Harry Potter: A History of Magic

Review for Harry Potter: A History of Magic

Harry Potter: A History of Magic, British Library, Phoenix, Magic, Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling, Red, Scroll, Golden/Blue LettersA gorgeous book that will take you through the Harry Potter: A History of Magic Exhibition.

I have had this book in my collection since 2017 (Christmas), but didn’t want to read it just yet as I was about to visit the Harry Potter: A History of Magic Exhibition in London on my birthday, or well, I hoped so, my now hubby was keeping very tight lipped about it. Just saying we were going to London for my birthday, which was already a big enough present! And then we went to the exhibition, on my birthday! It was a magical, wonderful, gorgeous exhibition and I didn’t want to leave at all. I just wanted to soak it up and stay. But yeah, even now, almost 2 years after, I still remember many of the things at the exhibition. But I wanted to read this book. Wanted to go back to that magical day. Plus, I thought it was high time to read this book. 😛

This book comprises of 9 chapters featuring everything that is Harry Potter and of course the history on magic, folklore, magical beasts. From cauldrons to broomsticks to scrolls to potions and plants to well everything, there is a ton that is explored. Each chapter is led by an essay written by a person of interest (though I already forgot what kind of things they were doing, or well 7 of the 9 I forgot, there are two that I remember an astronaut and the guy who made the movies). I have to say I wasn’t that interested in these stories, I came here for Harry Potter, for magic, for illustrations and images of the exhibition. Still I read them, and sure some held some interesting and fun parts. I do think that maybe if the font had been bigger I would have enjoyed it much more. Now it was later on the evening and my eyes weren’t too happy with the tininess.

But the rest is just wonderful. There is so much to discover, to read, to find out about magic and Harry Potter. I just loved seeing the drafts, see the early illustrations and ideas that Rowling had (and it was even better in real life). It was so interesting to read. I loved that there were added quotes, I remember those were also in the exhibition, they really made everything more fun and magical.
There are also notes from the curators of the exhibition.
Plus, you make my day with the Jim Kay illustrations of the series. He really captures everyone perfectly!

This is an exceptional book that is a must have for any Harry Potter and magic fan.

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    1. Aww, I hope you enjoy the books when you read them, you got quite a journey ahead of you. I hope you love the world of Harry Potter~

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