Review for Owen’s Guide to Survival

Review for Owen’s Guide to Survival

Owen's Guide to Survival, Meredith Rusu, Owen Grady, Lego, Jurassic Park, Raptors, Dinosaurs, Fun, Children's BooksWelcome to (LEGO) Jurassic World, meet Owen who will guide your through the park and all the things you SHOULD and most importantly SHOULDN’T do.

I am a big fan of Jurassic Park/World and a big fan of LEGO. So I just couldn’t resist this book when I came across it on Goodreads. I ordered it on Amazon and here it is!

I had so so much fun reading this one, it really captures the Lego and Jurassic World feeling from the games and the movies. And then there is Owen who is just as silly and over the top as he was in the movies. I love Owen and how he isn’t afraid to step into a cage with a bunch of raptors (my favourite dinosaurs).

Owen has some fun pop quizzes (believe me, I am not a fan of pop quizzes, hated them when I was in school but these in this book are so much fun), tips on what not to do (including some common sense ones that people just seem to forget when faced with dinosaurs), what dinosaurs will eat you for lunch, hilarious announcements in the park and what they actually mean, and so much more. The book will keep you entertained throughout, there just isn’t a boring moment.

I do want to warn people that this book does spoil things from the movie. It should be clear from the book and the blurb, but just in case I will warn you guys.

We also meet various other characters and there are references to the earlier movies. I was so delighted to see those references pop up and have Owen comment on them.

There are fun Lego images all over the book.

All in all, I would recommend this fun book to everyone who is a fan of the franchise, likes Lego, or loves dinosaurs!

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