Review for Princess BMX

Review for Princess BMX

Marie Basting, Children's Books, Sports,Princess BMX, Bicycle, Green,A kick-ass princess finds a portal to Earth, discovers BMX, and will rock your socks.

So, this was one of my most hoped to read books of 2019, and one of my libraries finally added it to their tiny English collection! I could FINALLY read it. Finally see if my most hoped book would also turn into a book I would like/love.

In this book we meet with Ava (she has a very long name, but I will just shorten it to Ava). A princess who isn’t too happy with all the things in her life. Her father is strict, her mom doesn’t seem to care, her brother is her brother. She wants some freedom and due to something she discovers a way into another world, Earth. She makes quick friends and soon learns of BMX. I just loved how quickly she picked up on BMX riding and also on other things that were Earth-related.
Ava was a very wonderful and sweet character and how can I resist a princess who wants something different for herself. Something with more freedom and more kickass stuff in the future.
I would probably be a blend of loving the princess and cute side, but also wanting to just do whatever I want. And with each bit in the story she became more and more better and more interesting.

And the story gets even more awesome when things stir in her little country of Biscotti. Unicorns are missing. Certain roots are growing that shouldn’t grow. Rain is happening. And there are whispers of someone who was gone and is now returning. We also see some mysterious person is following Ava on Earth which had all my radars bleeping in warning. I just knew that this person was someone from Ava’s place and with all the hints I quickly figured out who she was.

Then things quickly become more and more exciting and we get an adventurous ride with BMX and dragons to save a brother and a dog and defeat an evil person. Oh my! I just loved the adventure and also loved that Ava and someone else did it all on BMXes (BMXs?). That is quite something different from using your own legs or horses (well, if the horses were OK).

Ethan? He was a sweet guy, but at times I found it weird how he reacted to Ava. At times he was very protective and friendly, at other times he was just acting weird towards her. I loved that he took the time to teach her BMX and also made her more comfortable at Earth and the things that happened there. Plus, in the ending? Holy wow.

There are also illustrations throughout the book and I just adored their style. I loved the character designs.

Oh, and I loved the country of Ava. I would so love to live there. It sounds sweet and yummy.

I did feel for Ava that no one thought to tell her anything, or warn her. For a security system that her mom has (according to her) in place, you would think she knew her daughter has been going to Earth for a long time without knowing ANY instructions. Plus, if you give instructions? Maybe make them a bit better and clearer?

I did think it was a bit odd that she knew about several Earth things thanks to a book (like parents with band shirts and then especially Foo Fighters), but didn’t know some other basic things like cats.

I was a bit put-off by yet another sportsperson (it seems to be a curse if you are a sportsperson, especially skateboarding, bmx) going LIKE all the time. Like, please shut up girl.

Also, I love how the Godfather was all like we shouldn’t tell anyone about our kingdom and yadayadya, but in the mean time plucked Ava away and practically spilled the beans. Good going dude. Good going.

The ending was just amazeballs, there is so much information and some revelations about Ava’s family and about her kingdom. Plus, finally some recognition for Ava’s awesomeness. Plus, given the ending… I am sure there will be more books about our princess? I can’t wait!

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