Review for Square

Review for Square

Mac Barnett, Picture Book, Shapes, Children's Books, Friendship, Square, Block with legs and eyes, Jon Klassen,I read this book in Dutch but am writing my review in English.

This time it is Square’s time to shine! Meet Square, the number two of the shapes (with number one being Circle and we don’t talk about Triangle who is just annoying :P).

We see that Square’s days exist out of lugging rocks (perfectly square rocks though) up a hill next to his house. Day in, day out. I don’t really understand why he is doing that, what the purpose is. Would have been fun to get more on that.

But one day Circle pops in and sees those perfect squares and, as I expected, thinks that Square is an artist and asks him to make something for her. Poor Square, we all know that he loves Circle and thinks the world of her. I do have to say, kudos that he did started to tell Circle that he wasn’t an artist, but Circle had already left so no one heard. But he did do it, he did try, and that is something that is very rare in books like this. Often the characters just go for it, annoying me. Be honest!

The last few pages were just the sweetest and I was smiling. The last page however. Meh. It seems that is really part of the series to just end it in some weird ass way. I am just not a fan. Just end it normally.

The art is still one of my favourite, nice job to Jon Klassen!

All in all, I will miss this series. I can’t wait what kind of books this duo will make next! And to all, I would recommend this one.

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