Review for The Darkdeep

Review for The Darkdeep

The Darkdeep, Ally Condie, Red, Blue, Blue Letters, Boat, Boys, Girls, Island, Fog, Horror4 kids find something spooky in the nearby cove, sadly silly drama make the book less fun.

I have been meaning to read this one for a while and then I had the luck to find the book for quite cheap and in English somewhere. I could finally read it!

This started off as 4.5, then we got so much unnecessary drama/bitching between Nico and Opal which continued for wayyy too long so 4 stars, then Logan was suddenly added to the Darkdeep business and things got weird and so 3.5 stars and with how things went afterwards.. 3 stars. Sadly, that means that this book is going to be donated or put in a mini library. I would have loved to keep this one.

I will write a good/not so good review:
-I really liked the Darkdeep and what happened when you went into it. It seems like quite a fun ride.. well at first at least.
-The figments were a bit hit and miss but I did like when they went fully out of hand and got quite creepy (though some figments I just couldn’t see as creepy). Plus, I like the idea that figments/fears can come to life and have a frolick around earth.
-The houseboat and what it contained. Though we don’t see a lot of it as the kids mostly keep to a couple of rooms, it was still interesting and I would love to explore it and catalogue all the stuff that is in it. There is so much and I am curious about all of them. What is their history.
-We find out about guardians who keep the Darkdeep in check and I loved the idea that there were doing this. I wonder how people are selected though and how they kept it going.
-Tyler was the only one with a brain. Or well a common sense. Whereas everyone else was mostly like let’s do this and go for it… he actually thought it over and decided it may not be a good idea.
-The cover. I just love it to bits!
-I also liked the idea of the Radish Festival. That is pretty nice, though a bit cringy because it is a radish. 😛

Not so good:
-The whole drama and stupid stuff between Opal and Logan and Nico. Really, I was just rolling my eyes at all the stupidity and arguments that went between them. Nico especially was just a dick. I thought he was way worse than Logan. Yes, Logan is a bully, but Nico is just a dick. Constantly being dismissive and untrusting of Opal who is just helping him and protecting him. Yes, at times she wasn’t doing it right, but hello she is like 12?
-The horror. I thought it would get more creepy, but instead it was mostly just silly and nonsense.
-Emma. My lord that girl was definitely not first in the common sense/brain department when those were handed out. She endangers her friends but instead of seeing that the Darkdeep is dangerous she is just freaking pouting all the time that she can’t create more figments… What the hell girl?
-The truth about the house/the guardians. It took till almost all the end until we FINALLY get some more information that would have been nice to have in the middle of the book. Now it was just too late for me.
-The ending was also a bit too open for me, I get there is a second book, but eh.
-How the kids thought it was a good idea to leave tracks that they were there during that moment of chaos. They should have known it would come back biting them in the ass.
-How everyone was acting towards Nico. I can imagine them being unhappy about Nico’s dad and what he did for the jobs due to the owls… but being rude towards a kid? How can you?
-Logan got on my nerves. At times he showed he had a good and sweet side, but mostly I just wanted to have the Darkdeep eat him.

All in all, sadly I won’t be reading the second book, unless I get it for free. 😛

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