Review for The Dragon in the Library

Review for The Dragon in the Library

The Dragon in the Library, Louie Stowell, Davide Ortu, Children's Books, Girl, Bookshelves, Books, Dragon tail, books, Red Shirt, Necklace, Orange Hair, Magic, Orange/Green LettersThere is a dragon in the library! Oh my!

How could I resist this book, I love books about library, about magic, and then there was the cover!

I will try to write a review, but it may be a bit cluttery as I am tired and a tiny bit overly fluffy due to my new piercing and my ear not being amused by it.

Let me start with that the book started off nicely with a 4.5 stars > Josh got very annoying (some kind of Hermione only even more annoying and nosy) 4 stars > Kit was cool but then got annoying and thought no one cared and that she had to do things her self… urgh 3.5 stars in the end.

When the kids head to a library (though I would also agree with Kit that a cemetery visit would also be cool, though then again I am still the kind of girl who thinks it is a bit disrespectful to prance around on a cemetery) for a new book they get into a whole world of magic and dragons and even have to save the world (so exciting) when an evil man wants to buy the library (we find out later why).

Kit finds out she can do magic, she apparently the youngest in the world (or at least that Faith knows of). Most magicians get their powers at 18, not 10/11. So that was definitely fun. And even more fun was that the magics also included some book-ish powers. Like opening a book and getting teleported there. Not only that, but you can walk through a book and go to another library if they have the same book on their shelves. OMG, I want that. Oh and every time you enter a book your experience will be different. It all depends on all sorts of factors, which just had me squeeing in delight.
Then there are lessons, because Kit needs to learn how to control her powers. And not set things to fire. Because Kit loves fire. 😛

I was definitely interested in Kit. I would have loved to be friends with her. She loves climbing trees. Didn’t mind getting dirty. Loves going to spooky places. OK, the reading thing was a bit of an shame, but I don’t mind it if my friends aren’t readers like me. I think Kit also needs a friend who can do all those things with her, because her friends weren’t always eager to get out with her.

The library was such a fun place, and I loved the mystery and magic surrounding it. I also loved reading about the magic council and the dragon. And what happens when the dragon awakes. Oh my.

I loved the villain and loved seeing them try to get rid of him. I loved their plan and how they executed it. Go go!

The illustrations are fabulous, they were truly the biggest thing I loved about this book. I need to check out more about this illustrator.

HOWEVER, and now we come to the not so good things that made me rate this book way lower.

The side characters just took away all the fun from the book! It felt that instead of Kit being the MC we had three MCs at the same TIME for ALL THE TIME. I would have rather seen that Kit was the star, that she got the spotlight. And not that every time Kit did something new, or something new happened that her best friends just hogged the spotlight and totally into it and just bumped Kit into the background. Especially Josh was a BIG BIG FAT Problem. Every time Kit got something new, instead of cheering for her, being there for her, he acted like a freaking 3 year old on steroids. Asking thousands of questions, annoying the whole effing world (especially Kit and Faith). I hated Josh. I am already not a fan of know-it-all characters looks at Hermione, but if these characters are also obnoxious and pushy and have no shame then it just gets worse. Josh ruined the book for me. Josh needs to learn that asking questions is OK, but you need to stop when you notice that people are not amused. You need to learn to hold yourself in because really? This is how people distance themselves from you.

He even made some remarks that made me wonder if he truly knew about life. For instance when Faith receives the heartbroken news about the library being bought and she leaves the trio, Josh comments on how rude he finds that as they were promised cake and lemonade. What the actual hell Josh? The library is in danger and all you can give a crap about is cake? Hello? Are you dead inside or something?

And later he even makes a comment on adults having feelings. Gee wiz, Faith has shown a ton of emotions and feelings but I guess you didn’t notice as you were so preoccupied with many things that were apparently more important to your little precious world. 😐

Not to mention that Josh and Alita were just plain rude. I get that you want a book. I get you want to read it. But to call people snails and make mean comments about those people as it the days pass by and they haven’t returned it was just eh. I mean, I go to a library once every week (and one that is a bit further away 3 weeks). I am not, really NOT, going to a library earlier because a book may or may not be popular. I may have finished the book in a day, but sorry, again, not going back to the library for just one book. One trip is 20 minutes on bicycle, the other 30 minutes, and the three week one would take even longer. 😛 Screw you kids.

Kit was good, but… yeah there was one moment were I just wanted to hit her on the head. Oh, no I don’t get enough attention, Oh no, Faith is not being too enthusiastic. Oh no, I have to do all by myself though I only know the basic spells and can barely do anything perfect. But let me just go to the bad villain and help out. Girl. Please. You were the one with the most brains and the one I liked most, just talk to Faith about your feelings instead of endangering the world. Thanks.

Oh, and the Lara/Danny thing… URGH. Cringe.

So yeah, there was quite a bit of good, but the side characters just pissed me off with their dumb comments and stupid questions and naivety. They should let their best friend take the spotlight for once.

I am still glad I have read it. It was quite a fun book and I read it in one go. There was still a ton of things good about this book. I am not sure if I want to read more, if there ever is more. Unless Kit finally gets the spotlight she deserves. Maybe if Josh goes away.

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