Review for The Truth Pixie Goes to School

Review for The Truth Pixie Goes to School

The Truth Pixie Goes to School, Father Christmas, Purple, Matt Haig, Chris Mould, Fairy, Magic, Pixies, Children's BooksThe Truth Pixie is back and this time she is at school with Aada!

I was delighted when I saw this book pop up at my library, I quite liked the first book which I read earlier this year. I was a bit unsure about the whole bully thing, but I was hoping that would be handled nicely.

Our Truth Pixie has been living with her friend, Aada, for some time now and it is time to go to school again. It is something new for both of them, and while our Truth Pixie is fairly eager to go, Aada probably just wants to stay home. I was happy that Aada seemed happier at least, but I could still see tons of sadness. At least she got her dad and the Truth Pixie to talk to and to be friends with.

However, as I said in the review for the previous book, at times the pixie can be a bit blunt with the truth. She can’t help it of course, but she has to learn to not always blurt out what pops up in her or try to be more positive honest. I could imagine that Aada felt a bit uncomfortable about things, I would be too if my friend acted like this. Of course, I would still love them, but also feel uncomfortable and unhappy. Especially when meanies are bullying you.

A lot of things happen after this. We see how unhappy Aada is getting, how our pixie feels bad, and then things truly escalate and boy I just wanted to shake Aada. However, at the same time.. I could also sympathise. She just wants new friends along with the pixie. She just wants someone else to be on her side in this school.

The poor pixie though, I could imagine she would decide to do that, though I was a bit confused as to why it took her so long. I get she is a small being, but she is a pixie? Can’t she do something like magic? 😛

The ending was wonderful and I was so so happy. Happy for our pixie, but also for Aada. Happy that Aada finally dares to stand up for herself, dares to speak up about things and let those people know a piece of her mind.

The book is also pretty inspirational as it keeps reminding you to be who you want to be. Be your true self. I think we can all use this message as all of us are always trying to be someone else, or hide parts of ourself. I think it is important to remember this and live by these words.

I loved that this book was written in rhyme! It just fits so well with the pixie/Christmas theme.

I just love the illustrations in this one, but that is no wonder. Chris Mould is one of my favourite illustrators.

All in all, this is one book I would recommend. It is a little less Christmas oriented than the last book, but still a wonderful book full of inspiration and friendship.

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