Review for The World According To Kev #1: Who’s the Boss?

Review for The World According To Kev #1: Who’s the Boss?

The World According to Kev, House, Kids, Boys, Girls, Woman, Windows, Sky, Clouds, Comics, Who's The Boss, Chico, Minte, HumourI received this comic from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

This was a hilarious and fun book about a boy named Kev and his family and his world. I do hope that this one will get an animation series because I think this comic works even better when animated. Though maybe Kev will get a tad too annoying then? Eh, guess it depends on the voice actor.

This comic is all about Kev, Kev is a very imaginative and active boy. He gets in trouble almost always for something or another. Either for fighting with his brother, or doing things wrong in school (and then especially his horrific grades of doom). But I liked him immediately. Sure, at times he got a bit on my nerves but in general I liked how enthusiastic he was and how he never let anything deter him. He just went on no matter what.

His imagination is amazing, he really has a big imagination that he can turn on whenever he wants and lets him imagine all the things.

I also felt sorry for him that his crush didn’t see him. It is a bit of a standard trope especially since his crush likes the rich, fancy boy in class (how many times have I seen that happen, oh yes, too many times). But I was definitely having fun seeing him try all sorts of things to get her to notice him.

The art was also amazing. It was like I was reading a tv-series. Does that make sense? Maybe not, but I don’t know how to describe it in another way.

The one thing I didn’t like? Kev and his brother Noah are CONSTANTLY arguing, pranking each other, fighting and more. I get that they are brothers and that siblings will have arguments and maybe fight, but come on? This was just too much and destroyed the fun of the book for me. I would have loved to see some more brotherly love or at least see that they actually care about each other, because now? I don’t see it.

But other than the whole brother trouble stuff I had fun reading this one and I hope for more of this series in the future (and again, maybe a tv-show?).

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