Review for THEM!

Review for THEM!

THEM!: A Story in Five Parts, Black Cats, Gwen Cooper, Cats, Orange, Black Cats, Cute, Non-FictionThe second book for me by this author and boy this was hilarious!

I am loving all these books about cats by Gwen Cooper. I got a couple of these short novellas on my Kindle and also got two books about Homer. I am trying to pace myself, as if I would allow it I would fly through these books in a day. 😛

In this second book we meet Fanny and Clayton in a set of 5 short stories (yes, short stories in a short story). A duo of black cats that cause chaos and bring love. We read about all they do (from sleeping in pans and in bowls and maybe terrorising each other), but we also get a glimpse in the life of the author. Apparently she is having a moth infestation and that means having to get rid of them. The cats are gladly helping their owners with some deadly precision. Boy, moth infestation sounds terrible btw. Not only do you have to clean everything and all, but also have to find the moths and murder them all. Including their babies. And hey, if you are working on that, you can also clean the house. I had such a laugh when Gwen and her husband were walking through their home trying to get rid of things only to find out that maybe they didn’t use it.. their cats do. And how can you get rid of all those things when your cats love them and also when your cats are just looking at you with begging eyes?

Then there is the time that Gwen had a back problem and how her cats reacted to that. I had such a big laugh about how her cats reacted when they found out that their breakfast wasn’t coming. How they went all batshit and how they made plans to get one of their owners to do something. Poor Gwen. Stuck in bed, her husband in another room so she could lie peacefully and without too much pain, and having two little cute terrors who demand food. The ending had me laughing, though I would probably not be laughing if that happened to me. Oh no.

I had tons and tons of fun reading this one, I really needed it yesterday. Some humour to make me happy. Yesterday my dwarfhamster Bunbun died when the anaesthetic was too much (he had two lumps and had to be operated to give him at least something of a chance). 🙁 On top of that I got the flu. So yes, I could use any and all books that make me laugh.

I would highly recommend this book to everyone. In need for something funny? Like cats? Be sure to read this one. Gwen Cooper has a wonderful and delightful style of writing.

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