Review for Wizarding for Beginners

Review for Wizarding for Beginners

Wizarding For Beginners, Elys Dolan, Dragon, Wizard, Goat, Book, Robes, Purple, Humour, Children's BooksDave and Albrecht are back and this time we are going to wizards, magic, porridge, and tons of German again.

A big thanks to my sweet hubby for giving me this for Christmas. I have been hoping to read this one for ages as I just ADORED the first book.

This was just so much fun to read and to see Dave and Albrecht again. We begin the book with a bookclub where the various characters are reading a very cough interesting book. After that kidnappings happen and our duo is off to find the big bad wizard named Terrence and from that moment the book really starts with tons of laughs, porridge, and glossiness of hair.

I loved the various pages from books we got in this one. We read about rules, about wizarding sports, about wizards, about history, and more. It was all very interesting to read and I loved that it was added. Though it makes me happy that I am not a wizard… all those rules are just ridiculous how can one live their lives when it is filled with all those rules? Then again, the big bad wizard seems to love them, which was no surprise to me, but it was something that made the other wizards not like him.

I am so not a fan of the big bad wizard, he is just so annoying and frustrating. I get he wants to be popular, but maybe he should stop being so anal about everything and such. He is making life very hard for people and dragging animals out from their habitat to make them talk… eh. Not winning popularity points. We do find out why he is kidnapping animals and while I don’t approve, I do understand his reasoning a bit better (then again, he should have known from the start hat some animals just never would work.. no matter what).

I love Brian and their powers. Man, to have porridge powers that is just the best, I would quite like that.

The wizard sport? Loved it! Would love to participate or even being in the audience and see what kind of strange things get summoned.

I also love Albrecht and his German stuff. It gave some extra spice to the story and it was just perfect. I am also glad that, despite his big ego, he cares about Dave and other people.

Dave was also perfect, I love how easily he goes on adventures with Albrecht, and how these two are just the best of friends.

The ending was wonderful and boy I was happy! There were some twists and turns in the final battle that I didn’t see coming (and some that were obvious). I do hope that we get more Dave/Albrecht, because I am definitely not done with these two.

Of course, like the other books, this one is delightfully illustrated to the brim, bringing the story even further to life.


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