Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 22-12-2019

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 22-12-2019


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Welcome to a brand-new Sunday’s TBR Updates. And to all my readers, I hope you all are having a happy Sunday/weekend~

Holy crap, what a terrible week. 😐 Last week Sunday I was in Belgium for some shopping when suddenly I got a terrible case of the stomach flu (which my husband had terribly on Friday/Saturday so I probably got it from him due to my body still being wobbly from normal flu). After that it was a couple of days of lying on bed and not doing well. Now I am fine-ish, though I still can’t do much. I so hope I am 100% better for Christmas. crosses fingers But this meant I could read and read (and start watching Gravity Falls for the 5th or so time). I read quite a bunch of my library books, and read 1 book I really wanted to read (Aurora Rising) and started in another that I wanted to read before the year ends (Crooked Kingdom).

What did I read from my TBR Pile? Aurora Rising (which was totally awesome and OMGOMG), Princess BMX (Bmx x kick ass princess, it was a great read), Handboek voor superhelden (pretty OK, too bad about that thing though), Mamette 3 (loveable as always and funny as well), Turn the Tide (gorgeous photography book with birds).

I tried: The Way You Make Me Feel (Horrible horrible characters especially the main girl), Ellin (was just yet another book from that realm that I have not much interest in any more think of something else Thea), Why Mummy Swears (it was pretty funny but I just got annoyed with her husband who seemed to be incapable of love and doing anything good).. which means I am also not going to be reading Why Mummy Doesn’t Give a *****.

What did I read from my Kindle? Knights of the Lunch Table (was OK, too much Arthur for my taste though), This is Going To Hurt (funny but also a bit sad).

Here is a new TBR pile + a new Kindle TBR.

Well, that is it for this week’s Sunday’s TBR Updates~ Thanks to all for popping by~ I want to wish you all a happy Sunday and also happy Christmas! 🎄 See you all next week again for the last of 2019’s Sunday’s TBR Updates!


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