Teaser Tuesday ~ Scared Little Rabbits

Teaser Tuesday ~ Scared Little Rabbits

Scared Little Rabbits, A.V. Geiger, Pink Balloons, Coast, Sea, Cliffs, Girl, Black Dress, Young Adult, Mystery, Thriller
I had Random.org select a % and it went with 37%.
I shouldn’t eavesdrop. I should tiptoe straight back to my room before they catch me lurking in the hall. But I can’t. I’m rooted to the spot, paralysed with curiosity. I still can’t figure out the status between the two of them. Smairah and Miranda refused to give me the lowdown at dinner last night. The moment I brought it up, their eyes darted away, fascinated by the chalkboard displaying the evening’s entrée selection. It was only Reese, behind them in the buffet line, who muttered a grudging response.

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