Teaser Tuesday ~ The Paper & Hearts Society

Teaser Tuesday ~ The Paper & Hearts Society

The Paper & Hearts Society, Lucy Powrie, Yellow, Bench, Girl, Books, Sparks, Heart, Striped Shirt, Jeans, Young Adult, Contemporary, Club
I had Random.org select a page and it selected page 152.

‘Tabby,’ the voice came again, accompanied by a laugh.
Scratchy leaves brushed against her bare arms; she shut her eyes to brace for the imapct. This was it. her death. She was sure of it.
‘Ohmigod, Henry!’ she squealed as she opened her eyes. ‘I thought you were a serial killer!’
‘Shh..’ Henry whispered, unable to contain how funny he found the situation. ‘You’ll give away our location!’
‘Tabby crossed her arms across her chest. ‘You could have thought about that before you dragged me into a hedge. If I drop dead from fright, murder will be on your hands.’

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