Top 10 Books With Covers That Gave Me Heart-Eyes 😍 (2019 Edition)

Top 10 Books With Covers That Gave Me Heart-Eyes 😍 (2019 Edition)

Morning all!

Welcome to a Cover Lover Top 10 2019 Edition! Featuring my favourite covers from my Cover Lover Saturday posts!

It seems I didn’t do this one last year, then again, last year I did something totally different with a Countdown post for my top 2019 books. But this year I want to feature all my favourite book covers again, selected from my Cover Lover Saturday post. 52 (well 51 since there is still one more left) Cover Lover Saturdays, 10 covers to pick. It wasn’t super easy, but also not that hard as I had my favourites~

I had quite a lot of fun checking back through Cover Lover Saturday 2019 posts and see what books I featured. It seems I feature a lot of manga/comics/graphic novels, but then again they do often have the prettiest covers. 😍 For this Top 10 I made sure there is plenty of variety with Dutch books, manga, GN/comics, YA, Children’s Books.

Are you ready for my Top 10 books with AMAZING covers 2019 Edition? Books that truly brought 😍 this emoji to life.

Disclaimer: The order of this one is totally random, I would never be able to pick one cover over another.

End: Elisabeth, Girl, Cat, Chair, Plants, Dark Colour, Lamp, Cushions, Flowers, Barbara Canepa, Anna Merli, Cover, Comics

Aurora Rising, Aurora Cycle, AMie Kaufman, Jay Kristoff, Stars, Universe, Girl, Two coloured Eyes, Young Adult, White Streak in Hair, Black Hair, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Purple
Where the World Ends
Beestachtige Buren, Bouwien Jansen, Lotte Stegeman, Marieke Nelissen, Fox, Orange, Yellow/Orange Eyes, Non-fiction, Animals
Chris Saunders, Wish, Bunny, Ribbon, Forest, Picture Book,
Op zoek naar de vindeleer, People, Details, Girl, Boy, Book, Dress, Blue, Sepia
Kaiju Girl Caramelise, Purple, Pink, Girl with horns and claws, Manga, Magic, Monsters, Spica Aoki
Danielle Vega, The Haunted, Girl, Blurry, Dark
Christophe Arleston, Alessandro Barbucci, Ekhö, Swinging London, Big Ben, Fourmille, Tea, Scones, Clouds, Mist, Comics,

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