Blog Tour ~ Natural Passion by Anna Durand ~ Excerpt + Giveaway

Blog Tour ~ Natural Passion by Anna Durand ~ Excerpt + Giveaway

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A warm welcome to the Blog Tour for Natural Passion by Anna Durand! A book that sounds very very sexy, and I am just loving the cover~

For today’s tour I got an excerpt from the book, a giveaway (open US only sorry guys), and book/author information. At the bottom of the post you can also find who else is in the blog tour for this week!

Let’s get this tour started.

Natural Passion, Anna Durand, Kissing, RomanceI entertain naked people for a living. No, not THAT kind of entertainment. I own a nudist resort. I’m not a nudist, but Val Silva is. And he’s a human supernova sleeping in the room next door.

The man is tall, gorgeous, tattooed, and a shameless exhibitionist. As the Brazilian bad boy of the international football world, he’s as famous for his sextape as for his talent on the field. Oh, did I mention he walks around naked ALL the time? A girl only has so much willpower. Maybe we can have a little fun… as long as his tabloid past doesn’t mess with my quiet life.

Eve Holt is the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen, in those short-shorts and tank tops that make me wonder what she’s hiding underneath. Most women love my wild side, but Eve thinks I’m trouble with a capital T. Okay, she might have a point there. But I always get what I want, and I want her. I didn’t lead my team to Olympic gold by giving up. That’s one fact about me Eve is about to learn.

Natural Passion is the first book in a brand-new trilogy of romantic comedies from Anna Durand, the bestselling author of the Hot Scots series.

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All about the author:

Anna Durand, Author, Blue SweaterAnna Durand loves romance, men in kilts, and cheesecake. Not always in that order. She slaves away every day writing about sexy people doing sexy things together, with heart and humor and sometimes with suspense. With paranormal stories, she explores the darker side of romance. With contemporary romance, she delves into the emotional side of love and sensuality.
Readers and reviewers have blessed Anna’s books with wonderful reviews, giving her a nice glowy feeling that she’s doing something right. Her books have become bestsellers on every major retail site, hitting #1 multiple times. The Hot Scots series remains Anna’s personal favorite and a favorite among her fans. Who can resist a hunky Scotsman?
Anna also has a master’s degree in library science, so naturally, she made Calli in Wicked in a Kilt a librarian too. For twelve years and counting, Anna has run a cataloging services company that creates cataloging-in-publication data for other authors and publishers. And when she’s not doing that or writing, you’ll find her binging on audiobooks, playing with puppies, or crafting handmade jewelry.
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Find her here:       

Excerpt time!

Panting, I rushed up to meet my guest. “Hi, welcome to Au Naturel Naturist Resort. I’m—”
My voice ceased working the instant the man jumped out of the car and turned toward me.
A god had stepped out of the luxury pickup. My gaze insisted on taking in the full picture of my newest guest, wandering over his entire body. Tall and muscular in an athletic way, he boasted skin lightly bronzed by the sun. His dark hair curled around his ears to kiss the lower edge of the lobes. His cocoa slacks clung to his thighs, accentuating the powerful muscles underneath. The top two buttons of his white dress shirt hung open.
My attention stalled on his chest and the elaborate tattoos that covered the swath of skin I could see.
He ran a hand through his artfully mussed locks, and his full lips curved into a relaxed smile.
All my guests arrived wearing clothes since airports frowned on nude travel, but this guy’s clothes struck me as designer quality. Most people showed up wearing shorts and T-shirts.
The god offered me his hand. “Valentim Silva. But you can call me Val.”
He spoke with a light accent I couldn’t quite place. In fact, it was so light I wouldn’t have picked up on it if not for the lilting way he said his full name.
I settled my palm in his, my gaze drawn to his warm brown eyes. “Eve Holt. I own the resort.”
“Yes, I know.” He held on to my hand for a second or two longer than necessary for politeness. “I have seen your website. Your photographs are wonderful, very artistic.”
“Thank you.”
None of my previous guests had ever looked like him. I’d hosted attractive men before, but they were dim stars in the far reaches of the hotness galaxy. This guy was a supernova standing two feet away from me.
He peered over his shoulder at the guest house. “Is my room ready? I’m a little early.”
I fanned myself with one hand, suddenly hot despite the temperate weather.
“Ms. Holt?” he said. “Are you all right?”
What was wrong with me? I cleared my throat and stuffed my hands in the pockets of my shorts. “I’m fine.”
He raised his brows. “My room?”
My mouth opened, a response on my tongue, but I froze before uttering a syllable. His room. The one that had been flooded. This man, this human supernova in designer slacks, was going to be sleeping in my spare room. Oh no, this wasn’t a disaster at all.

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