Library Haul 11-1-2020

Library Haul 11-1-2020

Hello all,

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Welcome to a brand-new Library #2 haul!

I have been looking forward to visiting all week, and I have checked out their website all week to see if they would have some new additions (not really, sadly). But I did have 3 reservations waiting for me and I was excited to pick them up.

I still have quite a few books at home, though almost all of them are on my husband’s stack of still to read (hurry up, honey ;P). So I could use some new books!

I walked around the library, held myself in to not bring all the comics I wanted as I don’t want to go through them too fast (though it was tempting), and found some other books on various spots. My husband even surprised me when he began talking about a book we spotted at the new releases table, normally it is me telling him about books. Apparently there is a ton of controversy on the writer of that book. She claims all sorts of things, acts all knowledgeable but people have discovered she was mostly just making things up/lying. He had quite a bit to tell about the topic and I told him I was even surprised the publisher still published the book. He said there were still people who supported/believed her, and probably the publisher was one of those, or didn’t care.

So my library haul was fun! I picked up plenty of books and I already picked which one I want to start reading. Namely, Stijn Uitvinder. I have read the sequels but never the first book. No clue why, but it is time to rectify that.

Stats: 18 books. 6 comics/graphic novels, 7 picture books, 1 non-fiction, 4 fiction.

NOTE: A few of these aren’t on Goodreads. I will add them when I read them, and if I don’t forget, I will add the right links to the list here.

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Wat me nu toch gebeurde op weg naar school… by Davide Cali
Op drift by Reinhilde van Driel, Harmen van Straaten
Stijn uitvinder by Rene van der Velde
Weigevoel by Cindy Pieterse
De wereld van de witte pakken by Tamara Seur
Wij dragen kleren by Katie
Mama Lucinda by Koen van Biesen
De balletvoorstelling by Sutcliffe
Mama Medusa by Kitty Crowther
Wat is er met mijn zus gebeurd? by Simona
Drop, het stoute eendje by Catharina Valckx
Prinses Kevin by Michaël Escoffier, Roland Garrigue
De liefdesperikelen van Romeo & Julia #1 by Rodrigue
Alleen #6 by Faiben Vehlmann, Bruno Gazzotti
De kleine Robbe #15 by Tome, Janry
De kleine Robbe #17 by Tome, Janry
Jojo #17 by André Geerts
Beatrice by Joris Mertens

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