Library Haul 16-1-2020

Library Haul 16-1-2020

HI all!

It is Thursday! It was time for a visit to Library #1!

I am so glad the weather was OK today, yesterday it rained almost all the day and the prognosis for tomorrow is… rain. I was worried today may turn wet and bleh as well, but no it wasn’t! I could visit Library #1 again and get some new books. Which I needed. I finished (or tried) all the books I got last week.

And while I was there I could renew my subscription waves bye to money. It was that time of the year again. And I found out that I forgot several things, one changing my address.. two changing my bank account. Oops. I thought I had done everything when I moved and when I changed to a new bank, but I guess I missed this library. Oh well, the librarian fixed it all, and even changed my last name for me (as I am now mostly using my husband’s last name).

After that, getting new books! Walking around the library, wondering if I should buy some hot chocolate (but in the end I didn’t as it was just too hot at the library), checking out all their new releases and seeing if something was there. And boy, I had a fun time and I had a good haul. OK, I am not entirely sure about why I brought that Sinterklaas book with me as it is past Sinterklaas time, but it looked so much fun that I couldn’t resist bringing it with me.

I got plenty of things to read again. Children’s books, non-fiction, young adult. Can’t wait to get started.

Stats: 8 books. 3 non-fiction, 5 fiction.

Princess in Black #6 by Shannon Hale, LeUyen Pham, Dean Hale
Het kind en de rekening by Sophie Zijlstra
Trinkets by Kirsten Smith
Get Me Out of Here! by Andy McNab, Phil Earle
Agent Weasel by Nick East
Door jou ben ik mij by Hinke van Abbema
Praktische gids voor een nieuw samengesteld gezin by ?
Het geheime boek van Sinterklaas by Floortje Zwigtman, Sassafras de Bruyn

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