Library Haul 17-1-2020

Library Haul 17-1-2020


Welcome to a new Library #3 haul! Yep, it isn’t Saturday (though it does feel like it), but I went to Library #3. My husband got home early from a work-related thingie and that meant we had the whole afternoon to do things~ Since we can’t go this Saturday and also not the next, I was happy he offered to take me to the library today so I could pick out some much needed new books. Thanks dear! You are the best.

And oh boy! I had an amazing time at the library. I quickly found several books at their new releases table, but only brought 1 at first as I wanted to check out the rest of the library out, who knows what I may find! I went to the children’s books/Ya section after that and found several new Dutch books, sadly no English, but after the disappointing months of finding nothing I am delighted with these books. I had some room left and decided to go to the graphic novel/comics next and there I found a couple more books (including the second book about Kuiken and several very good looking graphic novels I can’t wait to read). I kept one room free so I could at least grab one other book from the new releases tables on the ground floor. Just a shame I couldn’t bring the rest, but I will remember their titles and hope I can get them next time.. or maybe see if another library gets them.

Stats: 12 books. 1 non-fiction, 8 comics/graphic novels, 3 fiction.

NOTE: Most of these aren’t on Goodreads, I will add them when I read the books.

Bibliotheek Den Haag, Library #3, Books, Stack of Books

Molly & ik by Colin Butcher
In het hol van de das by Anna Starobinets
De enorm eigenwijze eenhoorn by ?
The Turn of the Key by Ruth Ware
Door zonder familie by Gerrit de Jager
Verrukkelijk Kinderbakboek by Rutger van den Broek, Mark Haayema
Het omgeval by Mikaël Ross
De avonturen van kuiken #2 by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt, Janry
Het lied van de vlinder by Reinier Sonneveld
Detectives #2 by Herik Hanna, Nicolas Sure
De hartendiefjes #3 by Labourot
Jack Wolfgang #1 by Stephen Desberg, Henri Reculé

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