Library Haul 18-1-2020

Library Haul 18-1-2020

Hey all,

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Happy weekend and welcome all to a new Library #2 haul! Yay! Yep, another day, another library. Though I am done now and won’t be visiting another library until next week Thursday again.

While they still haven’t added a lot of new books (which I find weird given that other libraries I visit have so many new books), I was still excited to visit. I had 3 reservations waiting and I was eager to walk around and grab some books. I am flying through books~ So I wandered around, checking my favourite spots and some spots I don’t always visit and I found quite a few books to read.

Sorry, I am keeping it short this time, I got several plans the rest of the day. But I wanted to share my new book babies with you all!

Stats: 12 books. 2 picture books, 3 comic/graphic novels, 3 non-fiction, 4 fiction.

NOTE: Several of these aren’t on Goodreads, I will add them when I read them (if I read them).

Tokio by Katja van Dijk
Gezellig by Petra Vethman
Stijn vindt het uit by René van der Velde
Wolfpack by Abby Wambach
Baby Aapjes, privé detective by Brian Selznick, David Serlin
Roblox by ?
Ik sta paf! by Annie M.G. Schmidt
Sst by Hanneke van der Meer
Enigma by David Etien
Flors van Dondermonde #1 by Remco Polman
Hektor geeft les by ?
Tien regels als je jarig bent by Beth Ferry

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