Library Haul 25-1-2020

Library Haul 25-1-2020

Afternoon all!

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Happy weekend all and welcome to a brand-new sparkling Library #2 Haul!

I was delighted to go to the library again as I had finished quite a few of my books from the previous hauls. OK, I was also a bit sad as they are still not adding a lot of new books while I do know new books are coming out because other libraries do have new books. Oh well, maybe they are going to do a massive adding spree later on, I am in for that. prepares to reserve all the books

So only 1 reservation waiting, but I had two books more that were somewhere in the library. Hunting time! After that was successful I wandered around and found a few more books. All in all, I am still happy with my haul, but I kind of miss the Saturdays with tons of reservations waiting. The happiness of finally being able to hold that book you want in your hands is amazing.

Stats: 12 books. 4 non-fiction, 2 graphic novel, 6 fiction.

NOTE: A couple of these aren’t on Goodreads, will add them when I read them. 🙂

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time to momo: Kopenhagen by Amanda van den Hoven
Tussen pumps & pampers by Linda Bruins Slot
Björn zes berenverhalen by Delphine Perret
Van emoji’s tot sexting by Medianest
De robot en het blauwe vogeltje by David Lucas
Maar eerst ving ik een monster by Tjibbe Veldkamp, Kees de Boer
Die peer is voor mij by Anuska Allepuz
Krokodil is op weg naar beter by Yoeri Slegers
Wachten op Bojangles by Ingrid Chabbert, Carole Maurel
Boet de beer by Kaisa Happonen, Anne Vasko
Alles wat was by Stine Jensen
Iedereen op Claudia by Sam Peeters

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