Review for 10 Blind Dates

Review for 10 Blind Dates

10 Blind Dates, Ashley Elston, Golden Balloons, Girl, Green Sweater, Glitter, Young Adult, Christmas, Romance, Young AdultA super fun and delightful book perfect for Christmas/New Years (and I wish I had this book around this time).

It is time for Christmas and Sophie is looking forward to it a ton, though also plenty of worried for her big sister who is pregnant and not doing too well. She is especially looking forward to being able to go to her boyfriend plenty of times as she will be nearby. But she overhears something and so her plans are all thrown away. But not for long as her family has plans to cheer her up. 10 days, 10 blind dates.

I absolutely LOVED the blind dates idea and I loved that her family would do that for her. On the family thing, while it would have been too busy for me, I would have loved such a big family which is so close to each other. I especially loved the grandma, she was just one of the most awesome characters in this story. I would have loved to try her food, it seems she is quite skilled with making the right food for the right time.
I didn’t like the Evil Joes and their family. What a horrid bunch those were. I also felt sorry for one of the boyfriends of the twins. Dear Lord girl… he was just showing Sophie some photographs of his nephew.. You should learn some more trust if you think either of them is flirting.
Back to the blind dates. I was curious to see what the various family members had chosen as a date and also who. Because that is also important. I loved seeing all the various dates and what Sophie and her mysterious date were doing. Some of the dates were very creative.
My favourites? The first one and the underground party with all the dares.
My least favourites? The Evil Joes and that aunt who picked a 3 year younger kid who was very handsy.

But there is also more romance happening as Sophie is also reunited with Wes, the hot neighbour who she has liked for years but has given up on things as she wanted to preserve the friendship between them and also Olivia and Charlie. The Fab Four! I was definitely rooting for these two to get together you could just see the sparks flying. With each event I was hoping that this would be the moment they would get together.. however I also wanted Sophie to finish the dates, so I was hoping that if they would get together it would be at the end with a big BANG.

Plus, we see how four friends are trying to get back together and also find out what went wrong between them. I knew it was both sides fault, and throughout the book I was waiting for the moment that they would either talk or it all came out. I hoped that they would be able to reconnect in the correct way, though I was already happy to see the four of them together and do things together as friends again.

Margot and the pregnancy that was a big plot in the whole book, I loved reading it and I was very invested in seeing if Margot would be all right, I was so worried (though also laughing as she kept sending her sister all sorts of disgusting photographs) about her because as the story continued we see that things aren’t going well. I know I cried a couple of times (for sad reasons and happy reasons). I loved the bond between the two sisters, they are so close and I was delighted with it. In so many stories siblings are often arguing or don’t want to stay too close. But these two had a wonderful bond and I loved how they kept each other up to date with everything.
How it all ends was wonderful, and I was delighted with what Sophie did for Margot. That is quite awesome that she went so far for her sister.

I am still not a fan of the whole Griffin/Sophie thing. I can understand her feelings and her wanting some time for herself after hearing that crappy thing that Griffin told his friend. HOWEVER. I was pissed that she never really gave him a chance to explain until he came to the house HIMSELF. And then the author made his whole speech pretty urgh… So yeah, I did think that should have been done better.
Plus, I was not a fan of how everyone kept tagging him in posts and photos. I found that pretty harmful. Once, sure, to just show that you are getting on without him, but all the time? No, just no.

I could probably talk more about this. It was just so much fun, I laughed and I cried, I partied with the family, I loved the dates and the romance, and oh boy I would highly recommend this book to all in need for a fun book. Maybe I will do a re-read when it is Christmas again. 🙂

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