Review for Agent Weasel and the Fiendish Fox Gang

Review for Agent Weasel and the Fiendish Fox Gang

Agent Weasel and the Fiendish Fox Gang, Nick East, Weasel, Mole, Shadows, Children's Books, Humour, AnimalsWeasel, agent Weasel here to save the day with his magical fox dance. 😛

This was such a delightful and funny read about WI6 (yes really) and Agent Weasel who works there and gets a new job! The foxes are up to something bad and it is up to Agent Weasel to find out what is going on and to fix it.

I have to say that at times it felt more like a book 2 or 3 in a series. But from what I can find this is truly book 1. But at other times, confusingly, I was wondering why everyone was so hyped about this guy. I mean he busts his disguise/hideout in just mere minutes after the foxes appear, he cannot battle unless he gets his weasel dance activated, he gets captured easily. You would think a top agent would have more brains and more understanding of how to do things. He was an idiot at times..

But I did love this weasel. I loved that he was a weasel, because while I can name various foxes, cats, mice, and other animals, I just cannot think of a book with a weasel as the main lead. I loved that he is a superspy and that he gets cases like this. Exciting cases. Oh, and I love that, despite blundering through things, he still does his best and has some brilliant ideas (like when they found out why Von Fluff was so angry he had a magnificent plan to make her happy again, which is wonderful). And come on, his dancing was pretty hypnotising and awesome. And deadly… I guess. 😛

I loved the case and I loved seeing what the foxes were up to, in the end I hadn’t even expected that, but I can imagine she became grumpy, I would have become grumpy to. No worries, I won’t shave any badgers bottoms if I get grumpy.

I am so happy with Vic and Viv and I hope that they will get a prominent role in the next books because I just love the twins(? I am thinking they are giving their build/looks/names).
I also loved Doorkins, one wouldn’t expect it but this is one brave mouse and I loved how well he works together with Weasel. Plus their friendship was just the sweetest (like for instance instead of complaining about the horrible singing Weasel did once a week he just put a sock over his ears because he knows Weasel loves singing).
Then there are various other characters. Like H the Hedgehog. The stag beetles. Agent Mole. Oh, and we cannot forget Muriel the moth! I never thought I would see a moth being used as a messenger.

The book is also heavily illustrated and I can only say that I am an absolute fan of them. Their style just fitted with this spy + humour book perfectly.

All in all, I want the second book, and I want it now. I want to see what is next in line for our superspy and what kind of animals he will meet this time.

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