Review for Baby Belly

Review for Baby Belly

Baby Belly, Boy, Balloon, Toys, Cart, Patricia Martin, Rocio Bonilla, Picture Book, Cute, PregnancyI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I just fell in love with this cover. Why was this boy putting a balloon under his shirt? I didn’t even read the blurb until after I requested it, and that answered my question. I was happy I requested it and couldn’t wait to get accepted and read it. And here we are!

This is a wordless picture book about a little boy and his pregnant mom. Who in the first pages of the book is still thin, but then we see her belly get bigger and bigger and you can see the interest of the little boy start to grow. Because it is of course quite strange to see your mum with an expanding belly. What is up with that? Why is it getting bigger? What is in it? What will happen?

We see the boy experimenting with the balloon (as per cover though without the toys around him, I guess those were added to this illustration), but also worry a bit about the upcoming sibling. But after that things start to get cuter and sweeter as he is now a big brother. I just had so much fun seeing him with his sibling.

I do love that this book is without words, while I do miss them a bit because I am so used to books having words, I feel it makes the whole book even more fun as you can make up endless stories of your own, maybe even instead of a story let the kid tell you what they see and what they think is being told. Even as I was looking at this book stories popped in my mind that matched with this book. It really opens up to imagination.

The art is just the best, I so so love the style of it. It is very cute and adorable. I love how expressive it is, which is what you need if you want to make a picture book without words.

All in all, I would definitely recommend this cute book to all, I think it would be a treat for kids about to have a sibling in their life.

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