Review for Granny Magic

Review for Granny Magic

Granny Magic, Elka Evalds, Green, Yellow Ball of Yarn, Yarn, Old Lady, Knitting, Thread, Sheep, Children's Books, MagicGrannies, knitting, magic, oh my~

I just felt in love with that gorgeous cover, and then when I read about knitting + magic, I was sold even further. I just had to have this book. And I can honestly tell you that the cover is even prettier in real life as it has golden threads (which are important in the story) throughout.

In this book our MC’s grandma just passed away. She was a giant knitting person and she had knitted stuff EVERYWHERE, and not just her but our MC and his family also have plenty of them. But little did they know… that granny used magic and she gave a lot of her knitting something special. For instance those cute fluffy socks? Can make you jump~ That sweater you are wearing? It was just amazing that knitting could have such power. As the story goes on we learn more about this magic and also what kind of wool you would need to add some magic. Yes, you need special golden wool for it.

And then we meet a group of grannies who also knit, and who form some kind of coven of knitting witches. I just LOVED this group of grannies and I loved how kick-ass they were. But I also felt sorry for them as their leader, our MC’s granny, passed away. They have lost a great friend, a wonderful person. Though I also could fell the sting as we learn that grandma was apparently not very free giving with information. I was a bit angry at that. I could imagine you don’t want to tell those secrets willynilly, but when you have reached a certain age one would think that one would at least leave some information.

There is also a baddie and while I wasn’t a fan of him that much, I loved how the author wrote him. His plans were crazy, but also kind of awesome. Yes, credit were credit is due. Plus, I liked the idea that he did the knitting by way of machines while the grannies did it by hand. Ok, maybe it felt a bit like machine = bad, hand = good. 😉
He also wasn’t ever giving up, and he kept going. Seeing the chaos that his projects were causing was pretty interesting to see, but also a bit sad for those people.

The story gets more and more magical with each page, and also more exciting. I loved seeing where the story was going and of course I was very excited about the ending. Would our grannies, our MC, and his new friend be able to save the day?

Big happiness points go to the sister. I am normally NOT a fan of tiny sisters and brothers. In general they are written with plenty of annoyance points and often they drive me crazy and I wish they weren’t around. BUT in this one we actually have a little sister who was just the sweetest. Yes, she needs to learn that her brother wants to do some stuff on his own, but other than that she made the story more fun.

I just love the various knitting projects that the grannies did. I wish I could knit like that but I would really need someone to teach me all the harder stuff, and I don’t have that. So I guess I will stick to knitting scarves, hats, pillow cases, and the likes.

I loved that while the book is pure magic and there is tons about knitting, it is also about family. About the loss of a loved one. How hard it is that in this moment when she is needed she is not around. About how to continue on with life.

The ending was fabulous and I was so happy with how it ended. We learn quite some more about our MC’s family, about the villain, and I love that we also saw other witches… even the big boss. I won’t spoil anything, but WOW I didn’t expect the boss to be HER.

The illustrations were just magical and delightful, I love love love their style.

All in all, I could probably talk about this book for much more, but I will keep it at what I have here. I would HIGHLY recommend this beautiful book to all.

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