Review for Homemade for Hamsters

Review for Homemade for Hamsters

Carin Oliver, Homemade for Hamsters, Hamster, Crafts, Cute,A wonderful book full with fun things you can make for your hamsters!

A big big thank you to my husband for getting me this book for Christmas. It has been on my want to buy shelf for ages. And of course, since I am a hamster lover, this book had to be the first book of 2020, the first book of a new decade.

I have two hamsters at the moment and have had hamsters throughout many years. This book is just the cutest and the best if you have hamsters. There are several chapters and tons of fun things to make for your little ones. I love that these are all made for Syrians so you know that for a dwarf they will be perfect. If a big Syrian can climb that tree house… then a dwarf has all the ease with it. The instructions are very clear and well written. You definitely don’t have to worry about it being too complex. Everyone can do these, beginners with crafting and experts. There is also information on what to use as materials (as you can give your hamsters certain materials or ink).

There are things for exercising, and I so want to make that obstacle course and see if my ladies will like it. And there are things for sleeping, my first plan is to make the round house or that house using a tube. Oh, and I have plans to make that digging hole, it looks adorable and I am sure that even my older lady will love diving into it and digging around.

I am superduper excited to get to make these for my babies. I am not sure if my older lady Floof (who is 2+ years) will enjoy them as a lot requires exercising and she prefers an occasional run in the wheel or on our arms, but other than that it is sleeping. But I am sure our newest baby, who has yet to get a name (we just got her 3 days ago), will enjoy it to the fullest as she is still very young. Now the question is… what to make first? Mmmm.

At the end we get an introduction, or well the names, of the hammies we see in the photographs. I loved that this was added.

All in all, recommended to everyone~ If you have hamsters this book is perfect and if you want hamsters this book will probably convince you to get one (or two).

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