Review for Ishuzoku Reviewers Vol.1

Review for Ishuzoku Reviewers Vol.1

Girls, Sexy, Manga, Amahara, Ishuzoku Interviewers, Manga, HumourTwo guys, two friends, decide to review girls and see what species is the best… sex-wise.

Yep, I know what you guys are thinking, Mehsi what the hell are you reading? 😛 I have been putting off this manga for a while, but the anime started airing and my curiosity got rekindled and I had to try it out. I loved the first episode, it was weird, silly, and sexy. I decided I wanted more and didn’t want to wait another week. I needed the manga. And I needed it now.

The manga did a pretty good job on animating the manga to anime. The first episode has the first 3 chapters of this volume done. So there is plenty of material that is totally new and that I so need to see animated.

Meet Stunk (or Stank depending on translations) and Zel. A human and an elf who started this whole thing when Stunk was totally into elves, while Zel found that disgusting (and mostly for the whole they are 500 years old). However.. Zel also has some strange tastes, he likes human ladies over the age of 50. They decide to ask their friends who thinks is right, Stank or Zell. The results.. well, I won’t spoil, but I was laughing. And this is the start of a great new plan, reviewing brothels and checking out the girls at each place. Which species is the best? Which girl the sexiest? The results? The reviews? I laughed them, giggled, and while I was shaking my head a bit that these guys would write reviews about such things I also loved the idea. I loved seeing what our two main guys thought, but I was also delighted to see other guys get a chance at reviewing and seeing their thoughts (oh boy, I felt sorry for the poor halfling when he visited the tentacle girl).

I have to say that the manga is quite tame, at least in comparison to the anime. The whole birdmaid stuff? The anime had a whole sexy part with the birdmaids. The same with the tentacle girls. I do think it makes everything better to have some sexy scenes in it, because come on, you are reviewing brothels/sexy girls and it is a bit of a shame that the manga skips on those scenes and only gives us the reviews, or just a couple of teases.

I just adore Crim though, and I love what we find out about them (this angel has both a penis and a vagina) and how people react to them. Crim looks very innocent, and come on he is an angel, but in the mean time we find some very interesting things about them. coughs I do wonder how long it takes for a halo to be fixed and if we will see it happen in the manga.

I wonder how many species there are in this world, and if Stank and Zell will be able to go to heaven (and hell) to check out the girls there. Yes, I will definitely be continuing the manga, and looking forward to seeing it all animated (with extra scenes, teehee) in the anime.

I love the art in this one, it is cute and fluffy but also (in case of the girls) quite sexy!

I would definitely recommend this one to everyone, however… only if you are OK with the topic and are looking forward to some sexy girls.

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