Review for King of Scars

Review for King of Scars

King of Scars, Gold, Wings, Bird, City, Leigh Bardugo, Young Adult“Her time is better spent with me. The thorn wood is a path you walk alone, boy king.”
“But it’s a very arduous path,” Nikolai said. “Who will carry my snacks?”

Warning: First read the Grishaverse books, followed by the Six of Crows duology BEFORE you read this book. This book takes place after those books and there are events that you need to know before you can read this book otherwise you will probably just scratch your head and be spoiled forever.

Sorry if my review is a bit confusing, or a bit chaotic. I have been trying to write this review for a while now but I just keep getting fuzzled. 😛

In this book we are following my favourite boy: Nikolai (aka King of Scars, aka mister attitude, aka smooth talker, aka Sturmhund). But we are also following Zolya and Nina. At times I wasn’t a fan of Zolya’s POV as it was so close to Nikolai’s. In the way that they were generally always together in one way or another. The only times that there POVs didn’t cross over were when Zolya was doing her own training or when she was out hunting for Nikolai when he had turned to THAT again. That is why I was so happy with Nina’s POV. She is mourning the loss of her lover and finding a spot to bury him and on a mission in Fjerda with a couple of other Grishas. She is there to save and help Grisha get out of the country and to the safety of Fjerda! But when she is visits a new village she finds out things are happening there that aren’t OK. She is also figuring out her new and strange powers. Not the living, but the dead are now coming to her.
Later on we also get a new POV and I quite liked that this person got their POV as it gave a look at Nikolai’s kingdom and what was expected of him, but also that we see how people act around the young king.

There is A LOT happening. Nikolai has something in him that is taking him over more and more often endangering people around him and of course himself. We slowly find out what is haunting him… and I was wondering how long it would take for THAT person to maybe pop up again. We see how Nikolai goes on a quest to get that thing out of him and also figure out the miracles that are popping up all over Ravka. It was all very exciting and interesting to read. But we also see how Nikolai is trying to keep his country together, trying to fight the parem stuff that is addicting Grisha and endangering everything, and how he is trying to make his country a better place for everyone (and I loved how well he was trying and how smooth he was in talking over people in charge of the various little counties/towns as they weren’t happy to hear about the new rules).
And as I said Nina also has her fair share of things happening, and I loved how she met new people, how she went and helped people even if it was dangerous and not part of her original mission.
Ah yes, and I cannot forget the fanatic who loves the Darkling and wants him to become a saint. Yep, we have someone who thinks the Darkling is absolutely amazing despite all the terror and murder he caused. You will also have people who love murderers and such. I wasn’t a fan of this guy, mostly because I just can’t like people who are so fanatical over these kind of things. Hello, your future saint has committed so much hurt, so much pain, destroyed so much, and yet you love him and think he is amazing? What the hell?

I just couldn’t stop reading and I just HAD to continue. Sadly with Christmas popping up I had to find some time here and there to get reading. This book, just like all of Leigh Bardugo’s Grishaverse books, will drag you in and keep you hooked. You won’t be bored one moment.

I am so glad with all the things we learned (backstories, character information, more and more information about everything and anything Grisha), and all the things that Nina, Nikolai, and Zolya learned. Of course, seeing all the other characters that we know was such a delight and hearing Alina mentioned was just YES!

And the ending. If you thought the book was AMAZING then there is the ending and it will just blow your effing socks off. That was just the best way to end it. Not just Nikolai/Zolya’s part, but also Nina’s. Now how am I ever going to be able to wait for the next book? ARgh!

BIG BIG plus points to the cover which is just such a gorgeous golden shiny beauty.

Highly, HIGHLY recommended to everyone.

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