Review for Mama Needs a Minute

Review for Mama Needs a Minute

Mama Needs a Minute, Nicole Sloan, Blue, Sitting, Woman, Kids, Girl, Boy, Toys, Food, Pink Letters, Picture Books, Children's Books, ParentingI received this picture book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I fell in love with the title of the book, and then I saw it was a picture book! Which made it even more interesting. Most books with a title like this are non-fiction and normal books. But this one actually is for parents AND their children.

This one is about a day in the life of various moms. Talking how they at times need a minute, a moment, just for themselves. Because mommies get sore. Mummies need some time alone to recharge. And no, that doesn’t mean they love them any less. But mummies are only human.

Most of the pages are split up in two. One with the mummy doing something for the kid and then stating that she needs a moment, or that she wants to hug but is also sore.

The last two pages just were so lovely and I was smiling from ear to ear (and maybe also dropping a tear, I cry so easily these days).

The art was very nicely done, I like the style and I do need to check out more of this artist.

I think this is a perfect book for kids to read, or be read to. Kids just don’t see that maybe mommy (and daddy) is tired. That they just need a time off, just a minute. I think this may open some eyes. 🙂

I would recommend it.

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