Review for Princess Kevin

Review for Princess Kevin

Princess Kevin, Pink, Pretty Font, Boy in Dress, Princess, Crown, Michaël Escoffier, Roland Garrigue, Picture Book, Children's Book, FamilyA delightful book about a boy who wants to be a princess and /cares for what anyone thinks about it.

I read this gorgeous and funny picture book in Dutch but I want to write my review in English as the original is in English.

At Kevin’s school there is a play and a whole day of dressing up. Kevin decides that he wants to be a princess and so he borrows a dress, some make-up, and some very high heeled shoes. I loved how supportive everyone in his family was. How his sister helped him out and cheered for him. It is not always that you see this happening so I was delighted.

And then it is time to go to school, I did feel sad that people reacted to Kevin this way. Come on if girls can be knights, cowboys, and the likes, then Kevin should be able to be a princess. Just play along and have fun! We live in 2020 not in 1820.

I had a feeling that Kevin may not be always happy to be a princess. I won’t spoil anything, but I can totally attest to the murder that is high-heeled boots. Still I think it was totally super that he tried it out. I had such a big laugh at the last page of this book, oh my Kevin! Go for it!

The art is very adorable and I love the style. That cover is also just perfection, I love the font and I like how it is like a photo frame.

All in all, a very cute and sweet book with an important message. If girls can flip the genders around for costumes than boys can do that as well!

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