Review for Snug

Review for Snug

Snug: A Collection of Comics about Dating Your Best Friend, Catana Chetwynd, Gray, Black, White, Heart, Couple, Woman, Man, Cute, Comics, I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review~

A brand-new collection of sweet and relatable comics by Catana Chetwynd! I was so delighted when I spotted these on Netgalley. YES! YES! It’s been almost 2 years (wow) since the last book so I was very eager to get more!

In this one we see more hilarious, fun, cute, adorable, and a lot of relatable comics by Catana. We see how she is stopping her boyfriend from shaving as she loves his beard, stares and giggles when he undresses (which I recognise as something I do as well, and yes I also say more, or well I say it in Dutch, close enough), we see how she moves around in the bed while he just stays on the same spot, I had a big laugh at her clinging to him when he has to leave the bed (my hubby has to get my limbs off him at times as well), just like her sometimes you just need to hug your loved ones to feel better, and there is tons and tons more and I was just smiling with each of them. I just love seeing this couple together. See them interact, hug, and love each other. The hearts are just floating out of the comic.

And oh, so that is why when you pass through doors/doorways you lose what you wanted to do, it just gets stuck and bumps against the wall above the door!

I have to say that I am still a bit doubtful about the big eyes, but I do love the art in the general. It is quite a fun and cute style.

All in all, another fun and relatable and sweet and perfect for the end of the day when you need some extra love book and I would recommend it.

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