Review for Sunstone Vol.1

Review for Sunstone Vol.1

Stjepan Šejić, Sunstone, Volume 1, BDSM, Sex, Red, Sexy Outfits, Graphic Novel, Cover Love,A sweet and gorgeously drawn graphic novel with plenty of sexy times.

I think I saw one of my friends on GR reading this one and I was interested. The cover looked amazing. Then came the blurb and I was thinking maybe it wasn’t a good idea. 😛 This would be my first try foray into the BDSM terrain, was I ready for it? I have been getting used more and more to sexy times in books, manga, GN, but was I ready to get a step higher on that sexy times scale? I decided, why the hell not, it is 2020, let’s do this. Boy, I am happy I did. This was addicting as hell.

Meet Lisa, a sweet girl who is a writer and a sub. Meet Ally, a strong girl who loves gaming and is a dom. They both need each other. Ally wants to dominate someone but hasn’t found anyone who fitted with her tastes and who could handle her dominatrix ways. Lisa would love to have someone command her, be her mistress, tell her what to do, and do all sorts of dirty things with her. These two have been chatting over internet for a while, even did some kinky stuff in front of the camera, and now they are willing to take the next step. Sex. Dom/Sub. Oh my. And I just loved both the girls and the connection they had. From the start I could see that these two would fit each other’s tastes perfectly.

I loved that they each were a bit insecure about the whole deal, I mean would it work out? What would happen after that one night? Would it just stay with one night? It made it more realistic than if they were just going for it without a care, now you could feel closer to the characters. I loved seeing them get more and more comfortable with each moment, I loved that they didn’t immediately went for sexy times, but instead talked until both of them were comfortable and OK with it. I loved that they talked about rules, safe words, and the like before truly started. Consent and all that, especially in what I know in BDSM is very important. You don’t want to go over boundaries, you don’t want to, unintentionally, hurt someone.

And then the sexy times begin, and WOW. It was at times a bit too spicy and hot for me, but I kept reading, eventually feeling more comfortable with seeing what I saw. And despite it being quite OMG, it wasn’t too graphic. And with that I mean that we do see them being tied up, we see them have kiss marks, we know that sexy times happened, that both are flustered, and we see hands stray to parts below, but we don’t see anything actually happen, which made this a read that was still WOW because of the BDSM, but it wasn’t too much.
I loved how Ally had all those things and had some very sexy clothes. I can imagine that not everyone may be all up to seeing that, even Lisa was stunned that Ally had all those things. 😛
There are even more sexy times as the two meet up a few times more and discover some new toys and have tons of fun. I loved how they both went into the roles even after sexy times (evidenced by Ally taking on her role even through the phone).

There is also Alan, the best friend (and from what I could gather they dated once or did things). He makes and provides BDSM stuff for all sorts of people and also for his best friend Ally. I just loved Alan and how unfazed he was as he walked into some very fun stuff at times. I also loved how sweet he was and how he and Ally were best friends. How protective he was.

And I loved that we see Ally and Lisa get closer and closer, getting confused over their feelings, because this was just meant to be friendship? With BDSM stuff in it? I am kind of curious how this will play out, though I hope the drama will be minimal. I hope both girls can talk about it and discover their matching feelings for each other. I hope that they will try to go for it. I am shipping it.

The art was just AMAZING. Really, everything was drawn gorgeously and some of the scenes were just pure candy.

I flew through this one, before I knew it the volume was over, and I just wanted more. I would highly recommend this one, make sure you are either already OK with BDSM and sexy scenes or are willing to try it out.

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