Review for Sweethearts

Review for Sweethearts

Sweethearts, Sara Zarr, Heart-shaped snack, Young AdultTwo people, connected forever… it sounds much better than it actually was.

I have had this book on my shelves for quite a while and I believe I have tried reading it earlier. This was quite a trip. In the way that I was disgusted with most of the characters, the story was just eh. But yet, I kept on reading. Maybe I was hoping for it to become better? I can tell you that didn’t happen.

We see Jenna, or Jennifer as she used to be called and how she tries to have the perfect life. The one without bullying. So far it is going swimmingly, but apparently she still thinks about her past. A LOT. She tries to reign Jennifer in. Tries to not each too much food. Tries to stop stealing. While I was proud that she changed, and fought. I wasn’t delighted with her throughout most of the book. Because as soon as Cameron pops in? She just forgets everything about her life, she gets stealing again (which frustrated me forever as I hate it when characters steal and don’t even try to stop). She is a total bitch to Ethan and why she is with him, heavens knows, probably just to have someone on her side and someone to make-out with, as to me it seems that is just it.
Same goes for her best friends. I could see Steph and her be friends somehow, but her and Katy? Whut? No.

Cameron, aka creepy stalker boy.
-Was found sleeping in Jenna’s car. Because it was unlocked. And it is totally cool, yo?
-Went to her old apartment block quite a few times over the years to stare at the apartment where Jenna didn’t live anymore.
-Never contacted until now. With a letter in her mailbox. With a ring in it.
-Stalked her on internet and even found out where she lived thanks to a marriage thingie on facebook.
-Goes to her school while he has no reason to do so.
-Pops up regularly near her.
-Knocked on her window in the middle of the night.
-Popped in her room and just sat in one of her chairs… waiting for her.
-Volunteered to be in the stage crew, of which Jenna is stage manager.
-Gave her his number and expected her to call him, even going so far that he tried calling himself to see if the number worked.
-Just leaves and vanished whenever it is handy to him.

Yeah, as you can see, Cameron wasn’t my boy. He shouldn’t be anyone’s boy. I get he has had a disturbing past and a horrible youth, but that doesn’t excuse him from all these things. Nope. Nopity. Nope.

The big obsession that Cameron and Jenna had was just creepy and eh. I mean they weren’t romantically interested.. they weren’t family in the way that they felt like brother and sister, nor would I describe it as friendship. It was just as if they had some bond, some obsession and couldn’t get away from each other. I just couldn’t see the why they kept bumping into each other.

The big secret that happened to Cameron and Jenna that is still haunting both of them to this day. Well, I was pretty horrified when I read that and when we found out more as Jenna gives us bits and pieces through the book. Namely that she was caught in the moment when Cameron’s dad showed his real colours and the reason why Cameron was often injured. He was a dick. It was Jenna’s 9th birthday and she went to Cameron’s to get her gift (apparently it was big). There she saw how Cameron was abused and threatened by his dad, she wanted to leave, and he dragged her back and then said some stuff, and tried to make them play doctor… What the fuck dude? How disgusting are you?

Yes, Ethan wasn’t always too good, making decisions for his girlfriend without discussing it with her, he didn’t seem to care much about Jenna at times. But I did feel sorry for him. He was just being used by her, she never loved him, and I just hoped they would break up so he could find someone new and someone who cared about him.

The ending? I was just so frustrated with it all, how it ended. What happened in those last pages. Argh.

All in all, this was a disappointment, and this one is going on the big stack of books that will be donated/given to nearby mini libraries. Hopefully someone else will like it more than I do.

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    1. Generally I am the same. Mostly I don’t want to waste my time on a bad book, but I just couldn’t stop reading this one. Somehow, despite the eh-ness of it all it kept me hooked.

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