Review for The Audition

Review for The Audition

The Audition, Maddie Ziegler, Green, Pink Skirt, Striped Socks, Girl, Dance, Children's Books, Sports, DancingA fun and sparkly book about a girl who moves to a new place and finds a new dance studio, new friends, and new dance moves~

I just LOVE dancing. Nothing too fancy, not professionally. Just on my own, with my own music and the quiet of my garden or my house. So I just couldn’t resist this book when I spotted it for a very lovely price at a book store (and in English even, gasp).

Meet Harper, a sweet girl who has had to move from her wonderful town and wonderful squad and friends to a new town. We see that she immediately is trying out for a new dance studio because this girl needs dancing in her life and her mom is totally supportive of her. I was immediately a fan of Harper, she was such a sweet and wonderful girl and I loved how hard she worked and seeing how much she loves dancing (a whole lot).

She isn’t having the easiest times at the dance studio. She makes fast friends with Lily, another girl who is new to the town and new to the squad, but the other three girls.. well they are called Bunheads and they aren’t happy that these two new girls are in their team, they would rather have their old friends back. Harper tries her best to fit in, tries to make friends, and also does her best to get with the pacing as it is just a tad faster than what she is used to. Sadly, Megan makes her life very hard and is quite bossy. At times I wanted to hug Harper, and at other times I just wanted to shake her and tell her to talk to her mom, or Vanessa.

As the story progresses we see that things are improving, slowly, with Megan and the other two girls. We do see that while Megan has a mean streak, she is actually quite nice. She just doesn’t show it a lot. I would recommend she does though. 😛 It is Trina who is the sweetest out of the trio and the one who is the most eager to just be friends with Harper. I was definitely happy that it wasn’t the whole story with Megan being a mean girl. I am not sure if I would have rated it this high if it was. For now it was tolerable + with the change in Megan the story only became better. Plus, they formed a front against those ubermeanies The Bells.

I loved seeing the practises and also see the competition in the end. I was definitely smirking and laughing when the results were announced. Go girls!

I wasn’t always a fan of Harper’s mom. I understand that she has to work, I understand there isn’t too much money, but to often remind her 12-year old daughter of the fact? Eh, no. But there were luckily enough moments that I loved the mom.

Thankfully, something that doesn’t happen often, Hailey who is Harper’s little sister was actually not too annoying! Just sometimes. 😛

I did think it was funny that the mean girl trio (or at least Megan is the meanie) were of the standard trope. We had the mean bossy girl (Megan), the jealous third wheel (Riley), and the sweet ditz (Trina). I just think it is hilarious that so many mean girl trios are made up out of this.

All in all, I had plenty of fun reading this one. It is filled with friendship, fun, sparkles, and dancing. I will definitely have to see if I can find the other two books in the series. As long as they feature Harper as MC and haven’t switched to the other girls. Don’t get me wrong, I like the other girls, but I just want Harper the most as a MC.

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