Review for The Unofficial Ultimate Harry Potter Spellbook

Review for The Unofficial Ultimate Harry Potter Spellbook

The Unofficial Ultimate Harry Potter Spellbook, Purple, Harry Potter, SpellsCome to the magical world of Harry Potter with this wonderful spellbook~

First up a big thank you to my husband for giving me this for Christmas. This was high on my wishlist when I discovered it in November/December and just needed it in my life. I am a big Harry Potter fan and this seemed like a perfect book to add to my collection.

The book is separated in sections in which we learn about various spells. For instance you can learn all about charms, but you can also learn jinxes and hexes. There are cute spells, easy spells, household spells, and spells one probably shouldn’t be using EVER (and I love that the book mentions that). I had fun spotting the spells I know so well, but also discovering some new ones. Yes, new spells. I haven’t watched that Fantastic Beasts movie (and not sure if I ever will) nor have I played all the games (just the LEGO ones). So I was definitely delighted with some new spells in my life and finding out what they do and how to use them.

Yes, this book is filled to the brim, but it isn’t just a list of spells. Oh no. Almost all the spells have a pronunciation, when/where it was used (and this ranges from the books to the movies to the games (even the trading card game)), a what it does field (handy to know), and there is some extra trivia listed which I just loved to read. Then, to make it more personal, there are things scrawled near some of the spells or magical objects, listing why something wasn’t a good idea, give us some more insight, and more.

There is one last chapter and that is about magical objects. It was a bit sparse, especially given how many spells there are, but I can forgive them, the book is about spells, not about magic objects per se. Though I would definitely want a guide of that.

I love how the book looks, it does give it the feel of a real spellbook.

I would highly recommend this book to any Harry Potter fan. But be warned. It does contain spoilers for the series and also Fantastic Beasts.

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