Review for Tweet Cute

Review for Tweet Cute

Tweet Cute, Pink, Blue, Girl, Boy, Phones, Emma Lord, Young AdultA boy, a girl, a twitter war, and tons of baked goods and humour.

I was already planning on getting this book but seeing all my friends be superhyped about it and giving this sweet book so many good ratings, I decided it was high change to get this book. Thankfully, it was in paperback otherwise I would have had to wait another year. 😛 Not sure I could have handled that.

Sorry in advance if the review is a bit chaotic but I am still all flails and flops around by this book.

Meet Pepper, a girl about to graduate from a top school. She is working hard to fit in and has blended in perfectly. She loves baking (just like I do), she loves swimming (and is even swim captain), she keeps up her GPA like a pro (still don’t get that whole GPA stuff), she works hard. Oh and her parents are the owner of the fastest growing fast food stores: Big League Burger. She at times helps out with the company’s twitter account as that requires Snark, yes with a capital S. Pepper always has a counterargument ready, well, unless it is about Landon. 😛 I just adored this girl and loved how feisty she was. How she was always ready for things, but that you could also see a vulnerable girl underneath. Something she generally only shows when alone or when talking to her friend Wolf. We the reader know who Wolf is, but Pepper doesn’t. It was quite funny that she had sauces with her at all time. Why? I have never heard of anyone doing this, so I was kind of laughing and also kind of wondering if it already went wrong once (aka having all sauces everywhere in her bag over everything). I also felt for her that she was so afraid to move further from her home. I can imagine though, New York from what I heard is gigantic, it must be scary to do things alone. I am happy with how she still tried, that she didn’t let her fear eat her.

Then we have Jack. Who is at the same school and same class as Pepper. I didn’t particularly like him in the beginning, but then he grew on me. His jokes about Pepper were never really funny to me, especially given how Pepper felt about them. But as soon as we learn more about him, we see that he loves making apps and that he would like to make that his future. We see that with a twin who looks exactly like you it isn’t easy, especially when that twin is popular and loved by all. While Jack is often in the shadows and also expected to take over the deli. We see that he isn’t having it that easy, and I really started to like him more and more with each of his POV. It was great to see him work in the deli and see how it was second nature to him to do all those things.
I had a big laugh at his reactions to what Pepper fed him.

I loved the Twitter War, especially in the beginning (those last two tweets were just meh). Despite angry that the parents just let it go so far, I loved seeing what this duo did, and it was also hilarious to see the media pick it up and run with it. Even shipping the mascots and later Jack and Pepper. I am glad we see the tweets, or well most of them.

We also have Landon, the love interest for Pepper, at least partially. I am not sure how I felt about the guy. He was just a bit too slick and player-ish for my liking. He does show that he can be nice, but he can also be a total jerkwad.
Then there is Ethan, Jack’s twin. I am not sure how I feel about this guy. He just seems to do whatever he wants regardless of the consequences and without much care about anyone. The things he posted on that Twitter war just went TOO far for me.
Pooja is the last character I want to mention, and I love her. At first, and this was mostly due to how Pepper saw her, I thought she was a mean girl, but she turned out superduper sweet and kind and when we saw that I wanted to see more Pooja.

The Weazel app and how sweet Wolf and Bluebird were together was just wonderful. I loved reading those conversations and I was eagerly waiting for both of them to find out the other’s identity. However, I would have liked it to be done better. Now it was just a bit anticlimatic how it was found out. I had so many ideas how it could go, how they could find out, and then it ends like that? EHHHHHH.
I loved that Jack made that Weazel app, and I loved that we see how much good it did to the school (not just in relationships but also in other ways). Sure, at times you had a couple of dickheads ruining things, but in general it seemed like a wonderful app. Not that the principal is happy with it, but then again that is how it often goes with schools. They just see one picture and aren’t going to move away from it.

I adored that the teens had the chance to talk about their futures with their parents (which wasn’t easy, so I was squeeing in delight when it did happen). And also seeing them think about it and discuss it with others. While I understand that you want your kids to go to college, sometimes you just want to wait with that. Especially in the US college is wayyyyy too expensive, so isn’t it better for your kids to wait until they know for sure what they want to do?

I wasn’t always happy about build-up we at times got. Jack or Pepper would do something and they would start to get angry. Or parents did something and the kids got angry at how unfair it was. You would expect them to get angry. To shout. To put things out in the open. Instead… what generally happened was that things just whittled down. No angry shout-downs, instead they just took it, or something else that was a tad silly. It was really disappointing especially given the build-up. You expect anger and you get anger-management-101 instead. 🙁

There was one thing I absolutely didn’t like and that was the parents, and then especially Jack’s dad and Pepper’s mom, they were terrible. Though I have to say I was mostly disgusted by the father. What kind of fucking dickhead are you that you take things that someone made (your ex even) and that you put them in your store where she worked and even using her colours and other things she was planning for her own store. And then every time you get the notion she is close by again you promote them. What the fuck is wrong with your head? You don’t do that. You don’t shatter someones dream like that. You don’t do this. You definitely deserved this war. And I hope you will definitely apologise like a fucking grown-up.
As for the mom. Come on, you know as well as anyone that it takes time to write tweets, you can’t expect your kid to juggle a corporate twitter account + swimming team + baking + school and grades. Plus, who the hell drags their kid in their war. That is just pathetic.

I could probably talk about this book for hours. It was just so sweet, so funny, and I loved it took place in New York. I would highly recommend this one to all!

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