Review for We Wear Pants

Review for We Wear Pants

We wear Pants, Katie Abey, Yellow, Animals, Clothing, Humour, Text Bubble, Picture Book, Children's Book, Dressing YourselfA brilliant search and find picture book with the theme of clothes/dressing yourself!

I read this one in Dutch but I thought I would do my review in English. I took this one from the library last week because it looked really adorable + I just loved the colours. And it didn’t disappoint. It was funny, silly, colourful, and I had fun reading it and seeing what the animals wore.

This book is all about clothes. But also about finding and searching for things, like the silliest boots. Or maybe you can tell us which scarf you want the most? There are various fun things to find in the pictures or you could count or you could tell kids to see if their favourite animal from the previous pages was back again. Because from what I could see a lot of animals make a reappearance. For instance can you spot the monkey who is always very contradictory? For instance everyone would be wearing something, but not the monkey! Oh no. He is doing something totally different and I was looking forward to finding him and seeing what silly thing he was doing now.

I had quite a laugh seeing some animals were certain clothes. Like the narwhal who wanted to try out a boot… only to kill it. Or the snake who always participates no matter what. The turtle and the way he wore pants or shorts? So funny. That is also a way to wear a pants/shorts.

I loved that it made the theme of clothes so fun and accessible for kids. Dressing yourself becomes fun and kids will learn where goes what clothing item in a fun way. It was great that this one ended with them all dressing up in all their clothes! Perfect way to end this book.

The art was cute, fluffy, I loved the expressions on the animals, and oh yes, I can’t forget very colourful and bright, it was perfect!

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