Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 5-1-2020

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 5-1-2020

Afternoon all~

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Welcome to the very first Sunday’s TBR Updates of 2020! Happy Sunday all~

It was an amazing week, I found a new baby hamster to take care for (though she is still superduper shy), it was the beginning of a new year, new years night was amazing as we could actually go outside for once (normally we wouldn’t dare in our old neighbourhood, but here it was really cosy with various neighbours having fireworks and lighting them on a safe central spot, there was a fire so you could stay warm and there was food, we also talked with various neighbours), my health is getting better though my tummy is still a bit wobbly, and of course I had to pick my first books of the year~ Reading wise it was a fun week with plenty of good reads. And the weekend and then especially today are also going to be wow.

What did I read from my TBR Pile? Peril en Pointe (which was totally amazing as I had hoped, ballet + spies = dream combo), Granny Magic (such a wonderful book about knitting and magic and family and kick-ass grannnies), Srebenica overleven (a heartbreaking book about a survivor from all that happened in Srebenica and around it), De gekste plek van België (which sadly wasn’t as good as the book about my own country, I just didn’t think some of the spots were funny/silly), Ze zitten achter mijn vrouw aan! (a beautiful book written by someone who helps eldery, there was sadness and some humour), Het kattenmannetje (with the exception of one story this one was fabulous and magical), Verdwaald (OK graphic novel though a bit confusing and I wasn’t a fan of the art), Rimpels (another OK graphic novel about dementia and living in a retirement home, it was heartbreaking at times), Vierenveerstig jaar na Ronny (more OK graphic, I wasn’t always a fan of the characters, but it had its beautiful moments), Jane, de vos & ik (a wonderful GN about a girl being bullied and how she finds a fox and a friend).

I tried reading: Rouwdoula (Just didn’t like how it was written), Dagboek van een weddingplanner (the blurb and the first pages put me off from reading). (I got to silly place 30… but I didn’t think they were that weird/funny for most).

Didn’t read anything on my Kindle. Just not in the mood.

And here we are with a brand-new pile of books I want to read. I should really get to reading both The Contender and Beneath the Surface, but I also want to read 10 Blind Dates. Argh, I can’t pick what to start first.

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We have reached the ending of today’s Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ Thank you all for reading and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend/Sunday and a great week!

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