Teaser Tuesday ~ Loveboat, Taipei

Teaser Tuesday ~ Loveboat, Taipei

Loveboat, Taipei, Abigail Hing Wen, Black Background, Girl, White Letters, Contemporary, Taiwan, Young Adult, Romance, Family
I had Random.org select a page and it selected page 186.

A Polaroid photo shows Jenna with her arm around a girl in pigtails, Pearl’s age, with Rick’s amber-flecked eyes. They’re grinning like a pair of thieves over ice-cream cones. Shelly. Rick’s sister. This girl is totally in love with Rick. Her sweetness feels at odds with the girl on the phone, and yet this letter-writing pal of Rick’s little sister must be the girl he loves – and I’m standing here reading his private mail.
Rick’s staring at his phone, as if he can bring her here by telepathy.

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