Waiting on Wednesday ~ Demelza and the Spectre Detectors

Waiting on Wednesday ~ Demelza and the Spectre Detectors

Evening all,

Welcome to a new Waiting on Wednesday! This time spectres, mystery, villains, and friendship! Today I am featuring Demelza and the Spectre Detectors, a book that is coming out just a day after my birthday.

This book sounds absolutely amazing. Science x spectre detecting. I wonder how this will work out and if Demelza will be open to it or that she will struggle against it and willing it to be scientific. But hopefully she will be nice. And I definitely can’t wait to see some ghost summoning, some ghost/spectre detecting, and oh yes beating the evil villain!

I wonder if there are illustrations in the book and if they are as good as the cover is.

Demelza and the Spectre Detectors, Holly Rivers, Children's Books, Ghosts, Science, Green, Plants, Hands, Red-head, girl, Children's BooksDemelza loves science – she loves it so much that she’s been known to stay up late to work on her peculiar inventions! But Demelza discovers she has inherited a distinctly un-scientific set of skills: Spectre Detecting. Like her grandmother, she can summon the ghosts of the dead. But when Grandma is kidnapped by a mysterious villain, she knows Spectre Detecting has something to do with it. Only Demelza and her pasty best friend, Percy, can solve the deadly mystery …

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