What I Hope To Read February 2020

What I Hope To Read February 2020

Hello everyone~

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Welcome to a new What I Hope To Read, this time for the it’s going to be amazing month of February!

January flew right by, I still feel like the year is just starting but we are already almost through the first month. While I should mind it a bit, and I do, I am also very happy February is here. I got a lot of books that I want to read and several pre-orders I am dying to have, but it is also almost my birthday! February the 5th. dances But February brings more, Valentines Day and my husband has some plans, my blog’s 6th anniversary at the end of February. Oh and there are a couple of movies coming out in February I want to watch. Yep, February is going to be amazing in all the ways.

I am still reading through my January Want To Reads, and sadly dropped one of my most anticipated releases. cries

But this new upcoming month has many new books filled with zombies, magic, detectives, ghosts, kisses, paranormal activities, and more.

I got 3 pre-orders and 9 books I am dying to try out~

The King Of Crows, Libba Bray, Orange, Crow, Chair, Hat, Young Adult, Historical Fiction, Paranormal, Ghosts, PowersWranglestone, Darren Charlton, Trees, Lake, Island, Cabin, Zombies, Young Adult, LGBT, Blue, MountainsCharlie Changes Into a Chicken Book 3, Charlie Changes Into a Mammoth, Blue, Mammoth, Kid, Yellow Letters, Magic, Friendship, Children's Books

Demelza and the Spectre Detectors, Holly Rivers, Children's Books, Ghosts, Science, Green, Plants, Hands, Red-head, girl, Children's BooksHorror, Anthology, Short Stories, Strange Girls: Women in Horror Anthology, Girl with Stars, Broken Glass, Azzura Nox, Claire Hamilton-Russell, Emma Johnson-Rivard, Wondra Vanian, Jude Reid, Angela Sylvaine, Marnie Azzarelli, Charlotte PlattZatanna and the House of Secrets, Matthew Cody, Yoshi Yoshitani, Girl, Rain, Door, Doormat, Home, Plants, Children's Book, Graphic Novel, Superheroes, Rabbit, Fantasy, Yellow LettersThe Tragical Tale of Birdie Bloom, Temre Beltz, Moon, Sky, Children's Book, Door, Wind, Dragon, Girl, Balcony, Magic, Fairy-Tale, Kingdom, Orphan, Witches, BlueLauren Oliver, Ethan Aldridge, Girl, House, Fancy Signs, Children's Books, Plants, Fantasy, Monsters, Adventure,The Magnificent Monsters of Cedar StreetOf Curses and Kisses, Boarding School, Sandhya Menon, Young Adult, Retelling, Beauty and the Beast, Roses, White LettersAstronauts: Women on the Final Frontier, Jim Ottaviani, Maris Wicks, Blue, Space, Helmet, Astronaut, Graphic Novel, Biography, Science Here in the Real World, Sara Pennypacker, Children's Book, Realistic Fiction, Summer, CampMickey and the Animal Spies, Anne Miller, Becka Moor, Newspaper, Animals, Girl, Children's Books, Humour, Adventure, Detectives

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