Library Haul 1-2-2020 (Library #2 + Library #3 combined!)

Library Haul 1-2-2020 (Library #2 + Library #3 combined!)


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Happy weekend all and welcome to a brand-new combined Library Haul for Library #2 and #3!

That is right, two libraries again in one. It was almost time again and since today was all free I decided today was perfect.

First up Library #2! Sadly, no reservations this time… and I am still waiting for 4 Sinterklaas/Christmas books which I reserved in… November.. Yay. Almost tempted to just remove them.. but I want to read them. Argh. So a bit of a conundrum here. So today I just wandered around looking for older books to read and I did manage to find quite a few of them. Including some more travel guides. I am totally in the mood for those, free travelling (well, free-ish given that the library costs money each year, but it is cheaper than going to the countries 😝), discovering new places to add to my growing list of places I want to visit.
I also got a bunch of picture books I haven’t read yet and they all sound super adorable so I can’t wait to read them!

Next up Library #3, well… it took us about an hour plus to get there as apparently a big road was closed off and everyone used the one road we decided to use. Normally it is about 20 minutes by car just to give a comparison on how long it took today.
I found one new book (or is it a magazine?) at the new releases tables, sadly nothing at the children’s book but I did find at least one book there that I had plans to read for some time now. I decided to just raid the comics/graphic novel department again! I found a few fun new comics to try and two interesting looking graphic novels.

While I had hoped for more books, I didn’t even reach the limit for Library #3 which is 12, I am still very happy with what I got. Now what to read first? Mmmm. 🤔

I just need to find a cover for that De Bijen (The Bees) book because I am NOT a fan of seeing a bee so close up. I know the book is flipped over when I read it, but still shivers.

Stats: 19 books (10 at Library #2, 9 at Library #3). 5 non-fiction, 7 comic/GN, 5 picture books, 2 fiction.

NOTE: Quite a few of these aren’t on Goodreads, will add them when I read and if I don’t forget add the links here.

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De bijen by Laline Paull
100% Praag by Mathilde Verbaas
Time to Momo: New York by Ted Steinebech
Time to Momo: Ibiza by Juliette Somers
Time to Momo: Hamburg by Kirsten Duijn
Nee by Marta Altés
Dat is van mij! by Zehra Hicks
Laura is een leeuw! by Emma Carlisle
Met jouw pootje in het mijne by Jane Chapman
Super snavel by Corderoy

Where the World Ends by Geraldine McCaughrean
Fokke & Sukke aan de studie by John Reid
Fokke & Sukke aan de kinderen by John Reid
Zeep #1 by Maarten vande Wiele
Official Guide to Monty Python at 50 by ?
Rag Racers #1 by Philippe Madou
Rag Racers #2 by Philippe Madou
Van nature uit #1 by Chauzy, Lindingre, Zep
Buck: de eerste man op aarde by Frederik van den Stock

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