Library Haul 15-2-2020 (Library #1 + #2 Combined)

Library Haul 15-2-2020 (Library #1 + #2 Combined)

Afternoon, almost evening all!

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Welcome to a Library Haul for two Libraries! Today I visited Library #1 and #2! A big thanks to my husband for bringing me to Library #1 as well. sends hugs

Since I wasn’t feeling well this past week + it was cold and rainy on the day I normally go, I couldn’t visit Library #1. I had my hubby bring back a book on Wednesday that only had a 1 week loan time and had to be back by Thursday. Sadly, he didn’t have time to also also see if there were new books. But on Thursday evening he suddenly told me that we could go in the weekend as he saw I wanted to go so badly + my body wasn’t too happy and he knew I may have to skip over next week’s visit as well.

So today we went! Yay! I could use some new books in my life and I was eager to find a ton of them here (well 8 which is the limit). Happily I did! I am so excited to see Dead Voices, I loved the prequel and was already afraid the library would never get it (they do that often just having the first book and then nothing more). I have been looking forward to it, but since I have a budget each month for books I just didn’t get to it with so many books coming out that I wanted. You may recognise A Darker Shade of Magic, yep, I borrowed that one earlier and was planning on buying it, but dang that budget of mine. 😛 I decided to bring it home this way. I am delighted with my haul this time. dances

Next up was Library #2. I had 8 reservations waiting for me (yes, the reservations are finally getting more and more again). Plus, I was hoping to find one of the books I reserved but wasn’t yet on the shelves there despite being in the library. In the end it was kind of on the right spot… just in the Dutch language shelves and not in the English ones. I had fun finding new picture books. Those who follow me on Twitter know I had 14 picture books to get through, and update, I only have one left. So I decided time to get some new ones and found some great new ones to read.

In the end my trolley was full to the brim again, and this girl was very very happy.

Stats 31 books. 8 from Library #1 (max I can get), 23 from Library #2.

NOTE: Quite a few of these aren’t on Goodreads and I will add them when I read it/feel motivated. 😛 I will update the links here when I do so.

Second NOTE: First picture = Library #1 Second/Third picture is Library #2.

Bibliotheek Delft, Dead Voices, Girls with Space in her Heart, Darker Shade of Magic, Books, Classroom 13, Stack of Books, Library #1

Bibliotheek Zoetermeer, Library #2, Slay, No Big Deal, My Sister The Serial Killer, Truth or Dance, Books, Stack of Books Bibliotheek Zoetermeer, Library #2, Elsje, Picture Books, Comics, Stack of Books, Reading

De vreselijke superhelden van Klas 13 by Honest Lee, Matthew J. Gilbert, Joëlle Dreidemy
Klas 13 mag een wens doen by Honest Lee, Matthew J. Gilbert, Joëlle Dreidemy
Dead Voices by Katherine Arden
The Girl With Space in Her Heart by Lara Williamson
A Sky Painted Gold by Laura Wood
A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab
Niets liever dan jij by Erik van Os
Laika – Kosmoheld by Kim Crabeels, Emma Thyssen

Time to momo: Athene by Marleen Veldhorst
Ruimteklas 1 by Tom Bradman, Tony Bradman
Zeevlam by Kiki van Dijk
Truth or Dance by Chinouk Thijssen
Tropenbruid by Susan Smit
No Big Deal by Bethany Rutter
My Sister, The Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite
Slay by Brittney Morris
There’s a Bear on My Chair by Ross Collins

Elsje 1 by Gerben Valkema, Eric Hercules
Brom & Vlieg by Sandra de Haan
Snippers 7 by Aimée de Jongh
My Little Pony #3 by Andy Price
Beer, hol! by Nicola Grossi
We zullen er altijd voor je zijn by Harriet Grundmann
De kriebelsjaal van kleine uil by Tatyana Feeney
De koning en de kok by Julia Donaldson, David Roberts
Opa’s en oma’s zijn… by Elina Ellis
Max at Night by Ed Vere
Cock-a-Doodle-Poo! by Steve Smallman, Florence Weiser
The Bookworm by Debi Gliori
Hoe het ooit begon… De Olympische Spelen van de Oude Grieken by Corona
Een wereld vol planten by Martin Jenkins, James Brown

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