Library Haul 27-2-2020

Library Haul 27-2-2020

Evening all!

Welcome to a new Library #1 Haul! Sorry for the lateness, I have been crazy busy with everything, only now at 8pm have I got time to write this post!

Despite it being drizzly and cold outside I wanted to go to Library #1. I wanted some new books! Plus, I needed some other things that I could only get at Library #1s city, so that was extra motivation to brave the icky weather.

I am really glad I went, I found 3 new books at the new books spots. I am very delighted to see Frostheart even did a little bookshimmy at the library. I have heard a lot about that book and was hoping to read it. Thanks Library #1 for finally adding it. And I found a couple of more books while walking around and checking the shelves.

Stats: 5 books. 4 fiction, 1 non-fiction.

NOTE: One of the books isn’t on Goodreads and I will add it when I read it.

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Frostheart by Jamie Littler
Geen gezeur, meer wijn by Yvanka van der Zwaan, Mieke Kosters
The Storm Keeper’s Island by Catherine Doyle
Jane Doe Doolhof der Dimensies by Jeremy Lachlan
Buffalo Bill en de kleine zeemeermin by Philip Maes

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