Library Haul 8-2-2020

Library Haul 8-2-2020

Afternoon all!

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Happy weekend all and welcome to a brand-new (and wonderful) Library #2 Haul!

Today is a gloomy day here, but thankfully the library held a pretty wonderful bounty this time, so I got plenty to read again. I had 6 reservations waiting, yes, finally some reservations are popping up. cheers

I had fun walking around the library and putting books in my trolley. I didn’t find a lot of new books, just two, but I was delighted to find some other treasures while checking all the spots I normally check. I am trying to read more picture books and it makes me happy that despite already having read quite a few there are still many more that I want to read. In some departments, like the comics section, that is clearly not the case.

I also decided that I would go and ask about one of my reservations. I had 3 reservations (2 Christmas and 1 Sinterklaas books) that I had reserved around November. Two I could cancel, but when I reserved the Sinterklaas (Supersint) book it suddenly cost money and with how the system worked I didn’t notice until I already had clicked on the OK button, so I didn’t want to cancel that one. I wanted to know why, despite it being in storage in their library and available in the month of December, I didn’t get the book. The librarian was grumbly a bit, told me I had to have more patience and blabla bla, I told her, I had enough patience, that I also understood that it may take longer. HOWEVER, if the book is in your library, if it is in storage, and it was even available in December for those festivities, why is nothing happening? She didn’t have an answer to that, but went to check some more on her PC, and came to the conclusion it was indeed strange. She went to find a colleague who could go to the storage and grab the book for me. She even agreed that, since the book was in the library and even available, I shouldn’t have paid for it. I am getting my money back for this book + another book that I reserved and read last year that had the same problem, it was available but apparently you needed to pay for it??? I am happy I decided to go and ask otherwise I am sure I could have waited until December… the librarians really don’t notice these things on their own it seems. 🙁

So I got my reservation, but I also got plenty of other books and I am seriously hyped about all the new books I got. New travel guides as I am really in the mood for reading those, not sure why, but sometimes I have one subject or genre I NEED TO READ NOW. 😛 And I am delighted to have a new book in the Isadora Moon and Brugpieper Roos series, I love both of those series and I am doing a little dance each time a new books pops up. Ohhh, I just had such a lovely surprise when I added the Black Flamingo book to Goodreads. Apparently this is a book I was already planning to read, I had it on my 2020 shelf. No need to wait longer. does a happy dance

Stats: 25 (!!!) books. 7 non-fiction, 4 comics, 10 picture books, 4 fiction.

NOTE: Quite a few of these aren’t on Goodreads, I will be adding them when/if I read the books. And again, if I don’t forget I will update the links here. If I don’t forget. 😛

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The Black Flamingo by Dean Atta
100% Florence by Roos van der Wielen
100% Istanbul by Dirk Vermeiren
Time to momo: Krakau by Ingrid Vanden Berk
Time to momo: Belgische kust by Manon Dekien
Time to momo: Napels by Iris de Brouwer
Isadora Moon Puts on a Show by Harriet Muncaster
Op weg naar de Olympische Spelen by Joke Reijnders, Vivianne Miedema
Over de grens by many authors

Lise op Monstereiland by Kristof Berte
IHS 1: De aankomst by Guido van Driel
Vrouwen in ‘t wit #34 by Bercovici
Brugpieper Roos: Fantastisch by Jan Vriends
Sinterklaas voor grote kinderen by Chariva
Oi Duck-billed Platypus by Kes Gray, Jim Field
Onder de wol by Francoise Beck
Gekke tante Agaat by Rebecca Cobb
100 honden by Michael Whaite
Het lied van de blauwe pinguïn by Petr Horáček
Supersint by Maranke Rinck, Martijn van der Linden
Alles over emoties by Usborne Publishers
De vraag van Olifant by Leen van den Berg
Zo worden kleine dieren groot in zee Anne Royer
Cats by Walter Chandora
Op stap by Mariann Máray, András Dániel

2 thoughts on “Library Haul 8-2-2020

  1. This is such a great list! I think I would enjoy reading the Black Flamingo, will have to look in my area library to see if they have it!

    1. Thank you! I hope your library has it for you, it is a really beautiful book (I say this based on a few pages I read yesterday).

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