Review for 100 Dogs

Review for 100 Dogs

Blue, 100 Dogs, Dogs, Children's Books, Picture Books, White Letters, Cute, Funny, Michael Whaite100 cute and slobbery and fluffy dogs in this delightful and fun rhyming book!

I read this book in Dutch but will be writing my review in English. I had this book as a want to read for some time. It all started when there was another twitter drama even with death threats. Yes, really. Apparently the author put two dog races as bad and scary. And people were instantly throwing anger around. I can understand it somewhat the two races are seen in a negative light at times, but to do all this? Overreaction in my eyes.
Do we hear anyone about the dog that is called a mop dog (even with a bucket next to it)? Or the poor little shivering thing that is called ugly? Or the dog… well you get the idea.

I finally had the chance to read this one and I am delighted I did because this was just tons and tons of fun. We see all sorts of dogs and what they are doing. From one dressed as a fairy to another being happy to another making a mess and yet another one likes farting (at least in the Dutch version, heavens knows what it may be doing in the original). Each dog is doing something/is something and I loved how everything just rhymed and clicked together. It made the book like a bit of a song. I can just imagine reading this out loud to kids and making it a song while tapping my feet.

It was fun to see all the dogs together in the end of the book. I liked that the author decided to do this. It brought everything together and let you pick a dog.

Oh, and there is also a search for a missing doggy. Yep, a poor owner has lost his dog and he hopes someone will find it. I loved the conclusion to that.

The art was just fabulous and fun. I loved how the dogs were drawn. Cartoonish yet realistic that you can instantly recognise the dog (though I am terrible with names so for most I just went Ohhh it is that kind of doggy, how cute, and some just got names from shows as I recognised the dog from there, so I went ohhh there is Rex, or ohhh there is Samson). I loved the expressions on the doggies faces, especially some of them who were guilty of doing something naughty.

All in all, I would highly recommend this book. It is fun, playful, and it has dogs, how can you resist a book filled to the brim with dogs? Well, how can you?

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