Review for Aria: The Masterpiece Vol.4

Review for Aria: The Masterpiece Vol.4

Manga, Aria, Aria the masterpiece Vol.3, Aria the Masterpiece, Akira, Undine, Venice, Neo-Venezia, Space, Kozue AmanoThe next in the Aria the Masterpiece series and OMG it was gorgeous.

I was sad when I saw that I missed out on getting the ARC for this one. I normally keep a close eye on Netgalley so I cannot understand how I missed this one. Oh well, then I will read the separate volumes (as this one bundles volume 5 + 6) so I can continue with Volume 5 afterwards (as I got that one just now from Netgalley). I hope to one day add these books to my shelves, but I want to first wait until Tokyopop is truly done with them. I don’t trust the American Tokyopop anymore with manga. looks at her unfinished Aria series

In this volume we go on the rounds with the mailman (this was such a soft story and I loved that people send letters to each other, I would love to do that too but sending mail isn’t cheap here :(), we meet Athena whose voice I could just hear in my head despite not having watched or listened to Aria for some time (and then had me crying as I remember that Kawai Eri who sang those songs died way too young), I was squeeing when we got some Al x Aika moments, we meet a stranger who turns out to be a very friendly man and with whom Akari has a wonderful afternoon and I had totally forgotten who the man was so I had a big smile when he told her, we go back in the past and see how Alicia, Athena, and Akira trained together which I absolutely loved, I am always looking forward to more backstory, Venetian glass makes an appearance, YES MAA is there now too! I love that little furball! And of course there are many more soft and wonderful stories that filled my heart with warmth and made me very fluffy.

This time the seasons are autumn and winter. We see the change to winter costumes, we see the city turn to winter, we see snow begin to fall. I would have liked to see more seasonal events. Maybe next time.

Before I knew it I was through this volume. I didn’t know what happened with the time, it seems to have vanished. The magic of Aria. Sweet wonderful and dedicated characters, friendship, tons of beautiful scenery, Venice of course which is one of the most magical places and I can honestly say that I love the manga more now that I visited Venice myself on my honeymoon.

I would highly recommend this manga (and anime) to everyone. It is absolutely gorgeous and you will feel all fluffy inside.

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