Review for Bad Nana: All the Fun of the Fair

Review for Bad Nana: All the Fun of the Fair

Bad Nana, Bad Nana: All the fun of the fair, Sophy Henn, Yellow, Knitting Needles, Ball of Yarn, Women, Grandmother, Grandchild, Humour, Fair, Children's Books, IllustrationsThe newest Bad Nana and they are going to the fair! Along with the whole family and friends.

OMG, finally I could read this second book. I have read the first one in 2018 and really had a lot of fun reading it. This time it seemed instead of short stories we get one long story and I was delighted. What kind of tricks would Bad Nana be up to this time.

I loved seeing everyone getting ready for the fair. Picking pets for the pet shows, baking pies and yummy food, I wasn’t sure why a tombola with boring stuff would be popular (yes, I was agreeing fully with Jeanie), we see outfits being made, and then it is time for the fair. I had a laugh at how organised the mom was and how she had a whole battle plan. 😛 Go mom, go!

The fair seemed so much fun, with plenty of fun contests/competitions, shows in between (I loved that group that did the synchronised swimming, ON LAND!), and more.

I loved Bad Nana and was curious to see how long it would take her to go full NOPE mode. It reminded me a bit of an anime Mob Pscyho 100 in which the MC tries to suppress his emotions but when his suppressed emotions reach 100% oh be warned everyone around him.
I loved what she did at the end when she reached her 100%. Oh my! Go Bad Nana!

I also had a few giggles at the announcements. 😛

But sorry, Mrs. Farquar-Haha just annoyed the hell out of me and I was wondering how in the name of all that is holy she was able to do all the crap she did in this book? I am sorry, but why didn’t someone step up and tell her to stop? Why didn’t the ones that organised the fair not step in? It was just ridiculous and while I could understand 2 contests, I just didn’t get why she was there almost up to the end. I get that she is probably a bit frightening, but be strong and do something.
Same goes for Georgina. I can’t wait until she is older and sees that not everything is life is about cheating and bribes and bullying. Though I actually hope that she will get some good karma quicker than that.
Sadly, this spoiled my enjoyment quite a bit, I think if that old lady had had her comeuppance a bit sooner I would have rated the book higher, maybe a 4 maybe even a 4.5.

But despite the cranky old lady and her terrible grandchild this was a fun book with tons of fun illustrations, bright colours, family love, a grandma with a penchant for pranks, and boy I want to go to that fair (if that old hag isn’t around of course). I can’t wait for the next book in the series.

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