Review for How to Make Your Cat an Internet Celebrity

Review for How to Make Your Cat an Internet Celebrity

How to Make Your Cat an Internet Celebrity, Patricia Crlin, Dustin Fenstermacher, Cat, Famous, Cute, Photographs, Humour, Non-fiction, Animals, Cat Videos, OMG MY CAT DID WHAT?, Cat personalitiesDo you have a cat? Or are you curious about cats + fame? Then this the book for you!

First I want to thank my hubby for giving me this book for my birthday. I have been wanting this book for quite some months and I am delighted to finally have it.

This was just so much fun to read! You can learn how to make your cat famous. I don’t have a cat myself due to allergies but I still wanted to read this book as it sounded so much fun and I love cat videos/photographs. And it was funny! This book details in a humorous way how you can make your kitty a superstar. Because everyone loves cat videos and cat photographs. I definitely do. For instance I am often watching someone who has like 6/7 cats and she tries all sorts of things to see how her cats react, adorableness and hilarity ensues!
What kind of cats work best (I would go for either heartthrob or insane) and how to best use that personality (because of course an insane cat works in many different mysterious ways than the heartthrob), how to make videos and what to use (smartphones are OK, but you can also rent a camera), it tells us about various famous cats (though I would have liked more photographs of them as now I had to look some up as I just cannot remember all the names of every famous kitty in the world). We read about merchandise and starting a website. And there is more.

I loved the way the book was written, at times humorous, at times serious, at times OMG money and dollar (or in my case euro) signs, at times I just had to snort so hard I almost woke my husband. 😛

This all is coupled with fun and cute photographs, often with words or drawings to give pointers on the cat or the objects they are near/in.

I would definitely recommend this book to all. Cat video/photography lovers unite! And those that want to try out to make their cat famous… good luck and I hope this book may help out.

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